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Construction Cost questions and answers. All your Construction Cost questions answered by our experts and thousands of other members. Get professional Construction Cost answers to your questions. Get started by asking a new Construction Cost question now.
Mujeeb Zahur
( 1 post )

[5 Answers]
Medium to high grade material please.

    2396 days ago In Construction Cost
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    (1468 posts)
    Grey Structure Rs.1200 t0 1500/sq ft depends on design and actual site conditions.

    Complete structure with electric conduting/wiring Plumbing GI/CI wiring Safety Grills,Termite proofing,Heat proofing,Steel Door Frames,Complete civil works upto plaster inner and outers and pcc of floors only.

    A Grade Finishes Starts from Rs.2200 to no limit....

    These rates are inclusive complete in all respect and nothing to spend a single pannie on anything in finishing except furniture.....

    We can give you all design and construction services with quality works and time completion.

    Some petty contractor offer low prices and leave many works which should be done. Be careful to be a victom in the middle stage of your project.

    At your disposal for all kind of building design and construction solution with peace of mind...


      2396 days ago 

      Hamza Asif
      (829 posts)
      @ Mr.Mujeeb

      I can send you the details at your email address as I have received many good rates for construction from If you provide me any contact number or email address by PM then I will guide you much better. You may also contact at +92-42-37175326 for detail.
        2389 days ago 

        (134 posts)
        Dear Mujeeb,

        I at Clare builders pvt. Ltd. Represent a team of professional construction people.

        Construction rate mainly depends on the area you would like to construct in

        for example:

        average construction rate is some place (bharia town ) are higher then others because of their special requirements such as ( land fill area and usage of extra steel)

        so inorder to get more accurate rate please tell us in which city and area you would like to carry out this construction

        It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way possible

        please feel free to contact us at

        tel: 0300-0666602


          2377 days ago 

          (182 posts)
          @DSA, if i want to build single story on 10 marla plot, covering max area. Including finishing approx cost is 42 lacs?? Am i right here?

            2377 days ago 

            Hamza Asif
            (829 posts)
            I am contributing you on behalf of AmerAdnan Associates and would like to offer you best rates for construction and finishing. Our charges are 2800/sqft for a Turnkey(construction and finishing) project. If you are interested in it then you can contact me through personal message or send me your details at
              2376 days ago 

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