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Steel questions and answers. All your Steel questions answered by our experts and thousands of other members. Get professional Steel answers to your questions. Get started by asking a new Steel question now.
Amir Usman
( 15 posts )

[7 Answers]
I am going to start construction of my house in bahria, phase 8 and want to know the best cement and steel companies being able to supply fresh stock.

    992 days ago In Steel
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    (134 posts)
    Ittehad Steel I-9

    Maple Leaf cement
      992 days ago 

      Amir Usman
      (15 posts)
      Which one to choose for steel?

      1. Ittehad

      2. Tayyaba

      3. Pak

      4. B.M

      5. Fazal

      6. Nomee

      Which one to choose for cement?

      1. Maple Leaf

      2. Bestway

      3. Cherat

      4. Fauji

      5. DG

      Mind you that I have to construct full basement and land is solid (as per soil test report)
        991 days ago 

        (134 posts)
        Dear Amir.

        tayyaba steel is good .... Ittehad is good as well but expensive.

        bestway , Cherat are of the same quality and they are good
          991 days ago 

          Amir Usman
          (15 posts)

          Thank you for your advice. I would request other honorable members/ experts to share their experience as well.
            990 days ago 

            Amir Usman
            (15 posts)
            Need more suggestions please? I have to make a quick decision.
              989 days ago 

              (134 posts)
              FAZAL Steel has latest technology but expensive ...u can go 4 ittehad islamabad mostly bestway is being used and fauji bag is 10 rupee expensive than bestway....if u can find maple leaf then maple leaf,fauji must b preffered than others
                983 days ago 

                Probiz real ..
                (40 posts)
                Ittehad is best quality steel

                Maple leaf, fauji cement are best quality

                Probiz construction

                Phase 7 bahria town

                We have our own machinery, from pile boring machine, excavator, shuttering, providing best rates for construction.
                  978 days ago 

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