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Ali Hassan
( 3 posts )

[7 Answers]
Asalam o alaikum everyone

I have a question. I am in process of making the preliminary map of my house before going to an architect.
What is the standard measurement of wall (boundary, internal structural walls (rooms and bathrooms). With either bricks or blocks. And also what is recommended now a days (brick or blocks) ?

    1575 days ago In Architects
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    Yousafzai 00..
    (124 posts)
    If its load bearing wall then min thickness of brick wall should be 9 "

    for boundary brick wall thickness can be reduced to 4.5"

    in case of frame structure its up to you u can economize by reducing partition wall thicknesses up 4.5 "

    however hollow blocks are recommended in frame structure for partition walls which will be more effective against thermal heat
      1575 days ago 

      Ali Hassan
      (3 posts)
      Thank you very much Mr Khan much appreciated
        1575 days ago 

        Baber Rabban..
        (1628 posts)
        Which area is it Ali Hassan ?
          1575 days ago 

          Ali Hassan
          (3 posts)
          In Islamabad...Ploice foundation O-9
            1574 days ago 

            Abdul Wahab
            (189 posts)
            Hello Ali Hassan

            IF you need any services regarding designing and construction please contact us. We will give you best options according to your requirements. Our Material Factory is also in I-9 Islamabad. So contact us we will visit your site and give best option.

            Kind Regards,

            Ar. Wahab

            DHA PHASE II Islamabad

            I-9 Industrial area Isalmabad

              1573 days ago 

              Hamza Asif
              (830 posts)
              Visiting an arcitect will be morr useful because he will guide you in every field of construction according to your need. You may contact at 04236655262 or send your contact details at for an expert`s opinion.
                1569 days ago 

                (141 posts)
                I will suggest 9 inches for Structural walls and 4.5 inches for partition walls with bricks.
                  1569 days ago 

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