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A very good morning to all of you guys. We’re here at the Expo Centre bright and early, all set to bring to you a blow-by-blow account of Day 2 of the Property Expo 2015!

Today's proceedings will be more eventful as we expect an even bigger footfall of visitors.

Be here as soon as possible and see for yourself what we have planned for you.

Remember, entry to the event is absolutely free so there is logically no reason for you to not show up!

Event hashtag: #ZameenXpo

    1597 days ago In Real Estate Exhibitions
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    Congratulations for a fabulous event! Great photos too! Well Done Zameen Dot Com!
      1597 days ago 

      (76 posts)
      10:30am - We have kicked off our activities for the day. There will be real estate discussions, meetings and a lot more throughout the day.

      We will also organise a ceremony to acknowledge the exhibitors. And yes, lucky draws will also be held to award prizes to the lucky winners, by the end of the day.

      Come one, come all!
        1597 days ago 

        (76 posts)
        11:00am - Team Zameen has a group photo. We are very excited to meet you all! Come soon, meet us and know what's in the real estate game.
        1597 days ago 

        (76 posts)
        11:17am - CEO Mr Zeeshan Ali Khan converses with visitors at's stall.
        1597 days ago 

        (76 posts)
        In case you don't know it yet, the following prominent names have exhibited at Property Expo 2015:

        Enem Estates Real Estate Consultants
        Urban Developers
        Royal Residencia
        Paragon City
        Subhan Estate
        Ghani Estates
        Rehmat Estate
        Hamza Estate Advisors
        Konstruct Marketing
        Roxland Estate
        Desire Estate
        Crown Estate
        Mega Estate
        Mayo Associates
        Asghar Associates
        Fajar Estate
        Gwadar Iqra Associates
        Icon Valley
        Team Overc's
        Ali Adnan Estate & Builders
        Zong Boradband
        A.M Enterprises
        Tooba Estate
        Razi Property
        Sheranwala Heights
        Al-Brooj Estate & Developers
        Perfect Estate & Builders
        Athar Associates
        Property Hub
        Sheikh Estate dot com
        Unity Estate
        Estate Pro
        Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders
        Gwadar Associates
        Orient Marketing & Builders
        Ali Hussain Builders
        Homeland Real Estate
        Bismillah Housing Scheme
        Zubair Associates
        Saudi Pak Estate & Builders
        Pak Estate Investment Advisor & Builders
        Property Fort
        CBS Tiles
        CBS Interior
        Bodla Builders Realtors & Developers
        Paradise Estate
        Land Star Consultants
        Goraya Real Estate & Builders
        Darz Ceramics
        Al Hijjab (Pvt) Ltd
        Dream Properties
        Tufail & Sons Estate
        Buraq Marketing
        Hyatt Regency
        Royal Marketers
        Athar's Marketing Network
        Senwaan Nakhil
        Asia Insurance
        Diamond Jumbolon
        Consult n Deal
          1597 days ago 

          (76 posts)
          11:35am -'s photo booth awaits you. Come here, take a picture, post it to social media profiles with a hashtag #ZameenXpo and let people know that you have attended the Property Expo 2015.
          1597 days ago 

          (76 posts)
          "More than 1,200 people visited our stall yesterday. We have created a list of those visitors to contact them in future. Most of the visitors are on the lookout for affordable investment options and that's what we are offering at the event. I am really happy to have exhibited at Property Expo 2015 and I will book an even bigger stall next time," said Mr Aslam of Asghar Associates.
          1597 days ago 

          (76 posts)
          "I always book a stall at all events organised by These events provide an exclusive platform to the exhibitors to market their services. I would like to book a stall in advance for the next time," said Farman Ali Mayo of Mayo Associates.
          1597 days ago 

          (76 posts)
          12:20pm - Subscribe to Magazine today and stand a chance to win Huawei Honor 4C, bluetooth speakers and power banks.

          You simply need to be here at the Expo Centre now and meet Team Zameen to try your luck and win exciting prizes.
          1597 days ago 

          (76 posts)
          12:25pm - Kids also love posing at's photo booth. Yay!
          1597 days ago 

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