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[32 Answers]

Dear brothers and sisters,

This discussion is being carried over from another thread and we thought it deserves a separate one.

Here is the scenario:

If one has to invest in a business with the subject investment amount and net return what are the business options. All concerned may chip-in with their suggestions. First I hope that the originator of this thread Mr. Muhammad Arshad would come up with his suggestions.

For all friends commenting on business options, may I request to please consider following:

1. Business options should be totally halal and sharia compliant. i.e. No bank / insurance involvement for the returns.

2. If 30 lac is less for the option you are suggesting, multiply as many times as you need. But please be practical so that it can benefit most of the people who wish to become a small scale entrepreneur.

3. If you think that you can generate the subject return with lesser amount of investment. Please come ahead and suggest.

The idea here is to generate this amount in totally halal and sharia compliant way with as little investment as possible (30 lacs is just a reference figure).

Thanks & regards.

    2769 days ago In General Advice
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    Prop Guide
    (6959 posts)
    Dear H--T:

    There is no free lunch in the world, hard work, passion, related education/ experience are must for excellence in any field.

      2757 days ago 

      Real Estate ..
      (1046 posts)
      Wa alaikumussalam,

      H--T Thank you!!!

      Stay Blessed !!!
      z@in N@deem
        2757 days ago 

        Syed Ibrhaim
        (1434 posts)
        Before giving any idea we should focus on 2 points.
        Brother arshad shared some examples but only positive examples i know many people in market who started diff kind of business and loss there whole amounts or 50 percent amounts even in food. So business is always dependent on ur luck , hard work, and also on ur taste, experience is also a key point u have to gain a little experience for any kind of business.
        2ndly there are 2 kind of business one is to involve urself practically with ur investment and other way is to just invest ur amount with different people or diff business and to get some profit
          2756 days ago 

          (3020 posts)
          I have heard that people make very good profit with farming of rose flower. Rose flowers are used in a number of things for example decoration, bouquet, oil, perfumes etc.

          If you plant roses on a 5 kanal piece of land and appoint a good maali to do the work, you can take the produce to the market in your personal pick up and make a very decent income.
            2756 days ago 

            (13 posts)
            Very great business ideas discussed here. Don't know why you people come forward in politics for the prosperity of Pakistan. (No offence)
            Here everybody's knowledge is very appreciateable. I will try to get some business experience when I will come to Pakistan. InshaALLAH
              2755 days ago 

              Ahsen Khan
              (190 posts)
              While discussing things business seems a lot easier than it actually is. Remember there are hazards and drawbacks. Nothing a man does is done in a perfect world order. There are always flaws!
                2755 days ago 

                Prop Guide
                (6959 posts)
                Dear Pk1,

                You have shared a very good business idea.

                  2754 days ago 

                  (219 posts)
                  Dear PK1 sb., is it possible for you to quantify "decent income" from rose garden? Like a raw feasibility for input cost and expected output?
                    2754 days ago 

                    Ahmed Tanoli
                    (555 posts)
                    Dear PK1 sb,

                    Can you please share with us how much minimum investment require for Rose flower plantation and do you think Islamabad or surrounding of islamabad is feasible for this plantation, I mean what kind of weather require for this crop.last thing how long it take to be ready for sale,

                      2748 days ago 

                      (191 posts)
                      Some people talk a lot about dairy farming and poultary farming any body have experience in this regard.
                        2746 days ago 

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