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Dear brothers and sisters,

This discussion is being carried over from another thread and we thought it deserves a separate one.

Here is the scenario:

If one has to invest in a business with the subject investment amount and net return what are the business options. All concerned may chip-in with their suggestions. First I hope that the originator of this thread Mr. Muhammad Arshad would come up with his suggestions.

For all friends commenting on business options, may I request to please consider following:

1. Business options should be totally halal and sharia compliant. i.e. No bank / insurance involvement for the returns.

2. If 30 lac is less for the option you are suggesting, multiply as many times as you need. But please be practical so that it can benefit most of the people who wish to become a small scale entrepreneur.

3. If you think that you can generate the subject return with lesser amount of investment. Please come ahead and suggest.

The idea here is to generate this amount in totally halal and sharia compliant way with as little investment as possible (30 lacs is just a reference figure).

Thanks & regards.

    2769 days ago In General Advice
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    Ace Property..
    (1114 posts)
    Poultry farming is a huge business and profits are sky high compared to the investment but the risk factor is sky high aswell. Slight mistake can get your whole flock killed by some disease and above all you need very trustworthy reliable and professional people who have and can manage the poultry farm..
    Its hard work no doubt but a good risky business.
      2746 days ago 

      (191 posts)
      H--T how much investment is required in poultry farming bussiness and also good place for farms in rawalpindi islamabad
        2746 days ago 

        Ahmed Tanoli
        (555 posts)
        In previous POST PK-1 mentioned about Flower Plantation, Is any body have any idea,
        Can you please share with us how much minimum investment require for Rose flower plantation and do you think Islamabad or surrounding of islamabad is feasible for this plantation, I mean what kind of weather require for this crop.last thing how long it take to be ready for sale,How much area we require for this plantation

          2746 days ago 

          Ace Property..
          (1114 posts)
          @ saeed saab

          It depends on how many chicks you wanna have i would suggest to try with 1000 chicks first, should cost you around Rs300,000/- than see how you feel the best place i would suggest is rawat ..
            2745 days ago 

            Sheikh Abdul..
            (1750 posts)
            Well, their is cheap raw land towards either rawat side of Islamabad and fateh jang side. So either could be potentially decent locations to start this off.
              2745 days ago 

              (191 posts)
              Thanks H--T and abdul any other idea's
                2745 days ago 

                Ahmed Tanoli
                (555 posts)
                In previous POST some discussion mentioned about Flower Plantation, Is any body have any idea,
                Can you please share with us how much minimum investment require for Rose flower plantation and do you think Islamabad or surrounding of islamabad is feasible for this plantation, I mean what kind of weather require for this crop.last thing how long it take to be ready for sale,How much area we require for this plantation

                  2738 days ago 

                  Sufiyan Mahm..
                  (80 posts)
                  The youths of many developing countries are trying their skills within the entrepreneurship or small business sector. In this regard, Pakistan is no different. A significant amount of young people would prefer having a small business of their own, rather than working for the corporate sector.

                  Of course, you need at least a small investment, initially, to start such a business. Considering the 30 lakh investment business reference in this thread, there are a number of ideas to try. However, what we often forget is that an investment is not the only consideration when you are trying to start a business – even a small-scaled one.

                  For example, if you start with 30 lakh investment business, you don’t only have to spend on manpower, material, etc. You also need to have the skill to sustain that business. In case you are outsourcing the skill with the investment, even then you need to have some knowledge required to run a business. For example, you can’t just say I have the money and I am going to invest it. You need to take out the time to conduct market researches – what people want and can you deliver it. Furthermore, don’t expect returns anytime soon. There is tough competition out there.

                  Coming back to the 30 lakh investment business ideas, there are a few that would work quite well in Pakistan. I am not sure but it is said that content writing is a zero investment business. Even if it is not, then it is safe to assume that it can fall within the 30 lakh investment business category in Pakistan. Additionally, it is easier to find writers because many well-educated youngsters are considering it as a part-time job for earning extra money.

                  Homemade food is another low-investment small business idea. It also works in Pakistan since many people are shifting to healthier food intake. Similarly, you can also start a small tutoring academy as a 30 lakh investment business idea. Perhaps you can start with home tutoring and expand it from there.

                  Other 30 lakh investment business ideas include:

                  • Photography

                  • Wedding planning

                  • Driving centre

                  • Agriculture (various options open to exploration)

                  • Renting
                    389 days ago 

                    Ubaid Ali
                    (74 posts)
                    There are a lot of options to consider if you are looking to start a venture that can translate into a monthly 1 lakh profit business with minimum investment. Some of these businesses include:

                    1. Café Business

                    Pakistanis love their food and the country’s millennial populace is always looking for new, cool and chic places to visit. If you have an idea of a unique looking café, then whip up some delicious recipes or drinks and you are all set to run your own business. Given the modern life in our cities, not everyone has time to prepare regular meals and have the funds to spend at expensive restaurants. So, you can cater to this workaholic and busy section of the society and start a café. This initiative can easily generate monthly 1 lakh profit.

                    2. Wedding Photography

                    Have a great camera? Have a knack for photography? You can start your wedding photography business. It’s easy and doesn’t require much investment. If you are good at what you do, you can make this kind of money in one event, let alone one month.

                    3. Consultancy and Contracting

                    It is an effective business but requires mastery of field and information. You can set up a builder, advertisement, content or logistics consultancy firms and work with higher upper firms that are willing to offer rewarding settlements in return for your services.

                    4. E-commerce Business

                    Don’t have the capital to set up a shop? You can simply start one through a social media account. We have seen home-based business really take off with a nice Instagram account. But launching an e-commerce business requires patience and persistence. You will need to develop credibility and have some know-how of social media marketing. And google is there to help you with that. You can create your own customized gift shop or sell whatever product you want to advertise with an Instagram profile.

                    5. Tour and Travel Planner

                    Another lucrative monthly 1 lakh profit business idea! People these days like to travel to destination places after grinding themselves at work for months on end. You can start a business of planning tours to the popular destinations in Pakistan. You can offer various types of tours like a trip for singles, couples, families, thrilling, spa vacations etc. It’s a very hands-on business for sure but the rewards are considerable as well. Once you create necessary connections and earn credible repute, it’s all good.

                    6. Wedding catering and event management

                    Another solid idea with the ongoing trend of big fat weddings. You can get yourself a team of caterers and decorators and plan weddings and other celebrations for people. The revenue margin in this business depends on your salesmanship skills and your connections. People tend to spend a lot at weddings, however, they also tend to bad mouth a lot about what went wrong. So tread carefully!
                      388 days ago 

                      Raja Bashir
                      (14 posts)
                      How to earn 1 lakh per month in Pakistan?

                      With the crazy pace of development and innovation in digital media and technology, so many and varied fields had come to the forefront across the world through which one can generate enough income to live comfortably. For Pakistan, there might be no direct contribution to the boom of the internet, but the internet itself has made many opportunities possible for the youth where they can directly or indirectly earn 1 lakh per month. I am going to list down those skills and services, which could you earn 1 lakh per month in Pakistan:

                      1. Video Editing Services

                      You can start your video editing services right away from your home. What you need for your business to thrive are a good laptop/computer and some video editing skills. You may not need a formal degree in the subject but if you have had some education and can understand English, you can learn video editing through hundreds of free YouTube channels and courses easily available online. All you need is devotion and some investment for your project to learn video editing skills and then, you can freelance your skills to the customers online. Once you have developed a certain reputation, you will be earning PKR 60,000 to PKR 1 lakh per month and maybe more – from your home!

                      2. Graphic Designing and Web development

                      Like Video Editing Services, Graphic Designing and Web Development services are also in high demand these days. Again, you need a good computer and the necessary skills. There are hundreds of blogs, YouTube channels, and free and paid courses, which would teach you everything you need to know about graphic designing and web development. You can work yourself both as a freelancer online, provide your services and let a good company hire you for their designs and websites. You will need some experience and reputation but once you have mastered your graphic designing and web development skills, you will be earning PKR 50,000 to PKR1 lakh per month in Pakistan.

                      3. Freelance Writing

                      In recent years, freelance writing has grown into a massive industry, given that large companies, especially those in the West, outsource their tasks to developing countries, such as Pakistan. As a result, many opportunities have arisen for youngsters having good writing and SEO skills. You can also improve your SEO skills through YouTube videos and online blogs sharing information on SEO-based content writing. There are many websites that allow freelance writers to bid for works from customers. Once you have established a certain reputation on these online websites and shown that you will produce quality content for your clients, you will earn PKR 70,000 to PKR 1 lakh per month (maybe more), depending on how much time and effort you want to invest in freelance writing. Some of the popular websites that you can look up are Upwork, Cloud Peeps, Fiverr, Guru, 99 designs, and Toptal.

                      4. Photography & Video Filming

                      Another avenue that can ensure 1 lakh per month earnings in Pakistan is photography and video filming. Unlike freelance writing, this work demands a little more investment as you would need a high-quality camera to perform at your work. Again, how to improve your photography skills and video filming, you will find sufficient resources online. With enough passion, you can master these skills and then, your opportunities are boundless. From wedding photography to travel photography, you can get your skills hired as a freelancer and earn sufficient money. Once you have developed a portfolio of your work, you can jump into the fashion and advertisement world and seek gigs through social connections and social media. These days, every business, may it be a restaurant or a clothing shop, want their virtual representation on social media and the internet. As a result, there is a great demand for photographers and video filmmakers. Again, you can progress in this field only if your skills are exceptional and you understand how to exploit your social connections and make new contacts.

                      5. SEO Expert

                      SEO Expert is another significant job that pays within the range of PKR 80,000 to PKR 150,000 within Pakistan if you have mastered the necessary skills. SEO Expert, in other words, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, reviews and analyses the performance of websites and optimizes them, so that pages and websites appear higher on search engines. An SEO Expert will include keywords and phrases to enhance the traffic of the website. SEO is an ever-evolving field as new technologies are invented and introduced into the internet, which is why the job is suited for someone who is learning new information continuously. You can become an SEO Expert through a diploma or study online courses available that equips you with the necessary skills. To sell yourself as an ‘SEO Expert’, you need to have prior experience in SEO work, content growth, and marketing. Besides, you should also know about optimization practices, google analytics, and optimization tools and so on. You should be able to think innovatively and strategize efficiently.
                        383 days ago 

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