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Dear brothers and sisters,

This discussion is being carried over from another thread and we thought it deserves a separate one.

Here is the scenario:

If one has to invest in a business with the subject investment amount and net return what are the business options. All concerned may chip-in with their suggestions. First I hope that the originator of this thread Mr. Muhammad Arshad would come up with his suggestions.

For all friends commenting on business options, may I request to please consider following:

1. Business options should be totally halal and sharia compliant. i.e. No bank / insurance involvement for the returns.

2. If 30 lac is less for the option you are suggesting, multiply as many times as you need. But please be practical so that it can benefit most of the people who wish to become a small scale entrepreneur.

3. If you think that you can generate the subject return with lesser amount of investment. Please come ahead and suggest.

The idea here is to generate this amount in totally halal and sharia compliant way with as little investment as possible (30 lacs is just a reference figure).

Thanks & regards.

    2741 days ago In General Advice
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    Thanks Intern for asking this question on separate post.
    Although this forum is for property discussion,anybody who want alternative options of making money by working himself as full time could get benefit from this post.

    Intern asked me this question on other post, I am posting my replies over here too.
      2741 days ago 

      (564 posts)
      Intern Asked me a question about doing a business with 30 lacs producing net monthly income of one lakh.

      Before mentioning some business in pakistan which can produce 100,000 per month there, I would like to tell you guys that in UK and USA, if you want to buy or sell your running business, how business brokers calculate the worth of that business before marketing it for sale.

      Let's say business is producing net monthly income of £5000.It means yearly net income will be £60000 and if stock and furniture worth £40000,total cost of business should not be more than £120000.i.e £80000 for goodwill of business producing yearly net income of £60000. If you buy any business which would be less than 2 mutlple of goodwill and stock you could be smart buyer and if you buy a business costs you more than 2 mutliple of total cost including stock ,goodwill and furniture, you should be aware that why are paying more.On top of that if you have good credit history you can get 50 % loan for buying running business at maximum 5% per anum. In other words you can recover your investment within year and or in 18 months.Normal person doesn't know these business calculations except business brokers.So if normal person buy or sell business he would do calculations whatever he would feel justified.
        2741 days ago 

        (564 posts)
        In pakistan, my brother is doing business of Food grain in wholesale i.e Maida suji, Aata in Dalgirah bazar rawalpindi.I asked him how much you invested and how much you are earinng, he gave following 80 kg bag of aata costs 3500 Rs, He sells it at 5-7 % of gross profit and he sells 40 bags on average a day. If he sell each bag at 3750, profit of 250 Rupees per bag with 40 bags a day.It becomes 10000 profit per day. With daily sale volume of 150000.He gives credit for 10 to 14 days.So 20 lakh invest rolls twice a month producing gross income of 250000
        .Expences are as follows:

        One saleman who drives too. Salary 20000

        Another one only driver and helper salary 8000.
        Another helper Salary 8000.

        Other Expences 15000.

        Total expense:75000

        Net profit one lakh 75 thousand per month. He has one suzuki for loading unloading. Worth 8 investment less than 25 lakh.

        He told me that He invest in the beginning now he gets credit and give credit, no personal investment except experience and van.
          2741 days ago 

          (564 posts)
          I also met with my cousin in Rabi centre. He was paying rent 12000 couple of years ago now landlord increased rent to 40000. I asked is it still manageable for him, he said yes. He gave following details. It'sbusiness of ladies clothes.He told me he has a stock in shop worth not more than 15 lakh and it's all on credit now though.He does sale of 40000 per day with 20-25 % gross profit.Making on average 8000 to 10000 per day with monthly gross profit of approx 250000 with Rent 40000 and one man salary of 20000 and other expenses including electricity,entertainment cost him 20000 per month.Producing him net income of 2 lacs.

          Well if you get a distribution of of one reputable company like nestle or any other company with good sales volume.Companies provide 5-7 % gross profit on sales and these reputable companies want 14 day inventory in stock at all times. With 20 lakh inventory rolling twice a month producing sales volume of 40 lakh per month .with 5 % gross profit will produce 2 lakh per month gross profit.Office rent, Salary,tility bills other expenses wont exceed 10000 per month.During ths selling you can get more agencies which could provide you stock on 15 day credit.As your sale would increase yor profit would increase.

          There are several other businesses which could produce income of more than 100000 per month on an investment of 30 lacs. But keep in mind everybody can't do business.You need to keep an eye on inventory, accounts, dealing with staff, customers and suppliers is not easy for everybody. Credit management also very important to handle too.

          For doing business you need experience and skills including investment.
            2741 days ago 

            (64 posts)
            @ Muhamamd Aeshad... In Rabi center in a shop a sale of 40000 per DAY (in one day), is it possible in this economic condition????
              2741 days ago 

              Real Estate ..
              (1046 posts)
              Sir to give a kick start to earning, the option is to invest in real estate.
              But in my opinion, the important thing is to get indulged in the field you are passionate for. Its not totally about money, its not totally about investment. If you are passionate about your field, you will do every effort by hooks or crooks to excel in your field.
              Know that every field has a high level and a low level. Now, firstly its the blessing of ALLAH and secondly, the effort of man, with which he can grab heights.

              So in my opinion, one should always enter into the field he or she is passionate about.
              And yes no haram things are supposed to be involved in the business.
              z@in N@deem
                2741 days ago 

                (219 posts)
                @Younus, 40,000 per day is just nothing... You can't imagine how much money people spend on these things... Even some shops do multi-lac business in one day... The people who spend such money have nothing to do with economic conditions, they are all well in every condition
                  2741 days ago 

                  Prop Guide
                  (6959 posts)
                  I think 40K is very much possible. As the minimum fancy suit of ladies is for 5K..... So by this proportion selling 8 suits per day is not a big thing to do. And one thing more, you average that per month like one day he might sell 10 suits and on other day he might sell 6 suits.

                  This is my personal view as I am not into this business.

                    2741 days ago 

                    (1014 posts)
                    Please share some more business ideas. I liked the food related business as this should always be prosperous.
                      2730 days ago 

                      Ace Property..
                      (1114 posts)
                      All the examples given above are of established businesses so 20 lacs investment with those returns is excellent.
                      But to kick start a new business with 30 lacs and expect a net income of one lac is a dream i am scared of.

                      Business started over 10 to 20 years ago were easier but in todays market starting up a business is a very tedious task. If you wanna risk than join stocks market and deal with only sharia complaint ones....

                      @ zain i agree with you. Your passion and the will of ALLAH can take you beyond imagination...
                        2730 days ago 

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