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Muhammad Har..
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Lda city lahore commenced its marketing and sales through star marketing back in february 2015 with a promise to deliver possession within two years. Now they are marketing it through sweet homes ( a sister concern of star marketing) and pak estate ( one of the development partners of lda). It seems they are not getting public response regarding sale of phase-i or there is something else that is not publicized. What's chances of initial period of delivery of two years promised by marketers and development partners.

    1536 days ago In Upcoming Projects
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    Imran khan
    (4 posts)
    LDA is a big fraud. Allotees of LDA Anenue are still hoping against hope for possession of plots, major area is under litigation. Majority of LDA Officials are corrupt, similarly in Johar Town as well the factor of forged files and plots is in rouge. In short general public has no faith in Govt sponsored societies. They never fulfil their commitments extort money from poor people, use the money and forget about the people. Another example is FDA City Faisalabad which was launched more than ten years back received the entire amount of plots in two years and thereafter went to deep slumber.
      1536 days ago 

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