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Samir Khan
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Hello everyone,

First time poster here so i'll try to make this quick and simple.

I have a 8 marla plot in dha lahore in phase 1, y block. I have been thinking about developing the property into a 3 floor plaza with a basement.

The only problem is that i live in the usa and i rarely go back home. Also i just graduated and i'm only 22 years old so i don't have much experience in the property development section. In addition to not having much experience i also don't have much capital either.

I was wondering how much rent can earn if i do go ahead and develop the property. Also i was wondering if there are any avenues for financing the development through loans.

I would like some supplemental income and i think that this is the best opportunity to get it.

Please advise and thank you in advance for your consideration.

    1002 days ago In Commercial Projects
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