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Rao Waqar
( 1 post )

[3 Answers]
I am looking to buy a 10 marla residential plot in lahore where i can start construction of house in 1,2 years. My budget is 70 lacs, however, i can stretch it a bit if some really good option comes up. I have vistied societies and there are options available in fazaia phase 1 and lake city. Can anyone please compare the two and provide advice on where to purchase plot?

    371 days ago In General Advice
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    (883 posts)
    I wont think u will get anything better there in 8 million.

    I will suggest u to consider bahria orachard or Awt ph 2 in that budget before late.
      370 days ago 

      Umair Javed
      (9 posts)
      According to me, Lake City is better developed than Fazaia.You can a find a reasonable plot in range of 8 million in block M5 of lake city.
        370 days ago 

        (18 posts)
        Before Buying, you should check the location of these societies, If you have regular work in city center then lake city and fazaia are to far away.

        Some good societies from 7 million to 8 million for 10 Marla plot are:

        Nespak society phase 2: under budget

        Izmir town: a little over budget, could be more depends on location

        Punjab Society Phase 2 under budget

        Punjab Society Phase 1 a little over budget

        Wapda Town over budget, you have to check on

        ground prices
          369 days ago 

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