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[4 Answers]
What is the procedure to evict a tenant?

    3148 days ago In Renting Process
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    Syed Ibrhaim
    (1435 posts)
    Dear Arshad,

    Normally you have to give a notice of one month or 2 months depends on your agreement to tenant.
      3146 days ago 

      (765 posts)
      That is normal but what happens if they do not move at the end of the notice period? What are the next steps and how long does it take, and how much does it cost?
        3145 days ago 

        Tanveer Yous..
        (221 posts)
        People usually contact the court in such conditions along with the written proofs and incur legal support.
          3141 days ago 

          Islamabad Pr..
          (156 posts)

          You need to consult a good lawyer as there is great lot of security provided in the Rental Act for the landlord. And one recent judgement by the Honourable Supreme Court had set a standard where if the contract is not renewed within 2 months of its expiry, the landlord can go to the court without even giving a notice... and the court with immediate effect must evict the tenant with force by police and the proceedings to be carried out later after eviction.

          I can provide you references on request but better consult a good lawyer.

          Good luck.

          MEYAAR Builders
            3126 days ago 

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