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[5 Answers]
What is the present value of 10 Marla plot in N block sector -8 BT Rawalpindi and its future rising scope? I have two plot in B block whether I should sell it now or wait for rising?

    2295 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    Real Estate ..
    (1046 posts)

    Mr Qamar, the price of 10 marla plot should be between 40-45 lacs, depending on the location of the plots.

    Thats my personal assessment and a rough estimate. You may confirm it from other experts as well.

    z@in N@deem
      2295 days ago 

      Samra Zulfiq..
      (484 posts)
      Dear Qamar,

      You can predict the future value by observing the past trends and as we all know, Bahria Town has neither disappointed the investors nor its dwellers. Right now, we don't have any listing of Phase 8. Please wait, some agent active in Bahria Town Islamabad will add his expert opinion to this post.

      One observation, prices tend to drop down during the end of the year and are seen at their peak during the start of 3rd quarter.

      Samra Zulfiqar
        2295 days ago 

        (504 posts)
        I think Prices of Plots in Phase 8 will not get a big jump because of its distance from main GT road, it suits only to those who have job / business inside behria town particularly it doesn't suit persons having job / Business in Islamabad

          2291 days ago 

          (2512 posts)
          Dear Rehman, what is Bahria Town Garden City gets access from main GT road ?
            2291 days ago 

            Zane ali
            (34 posts)
            N block 10 marla has a current market value of around 31/32 lakh. It is non possession but expected to increase if you hold on to it.

            Garden city has good prospects due to access from gt road.
              2290 days ago 

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