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Mohammad sha..
( 69 posts )

[5 Answers]
Aoa to all experts and gurus.I m having a 5 marla old constructed double story house at aarya mohallah rawalpindi.Current rent is around 20k . So my request is to all experts that what estimated price i can get of my house.Yet i didnt discuss with any dealer or customer.Bcoz in my opinion is a better forum so plz looking for ur positive opinions

    2146 days ago In Market Prices
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    Ehsan Chauda..
    (3 posts)
    20000*12*15=3,600,000.00 very simple.
      2145 days ago 

      (10 posts)
      That is depend upon the area price, if your location of house is good like you have near markets and other facilities around the home you can get more than 20k as you said it is also double story , so my opinion it should b rented @25 at least.
        2144 days ago 

        Khadija Haid..
        (6 posts)
        You can search similar properties on and then make an estimate of the value of your house.
          2144 days ago 

          Mohammad sha..
          (69 posts)
          Mr ehsan chaudry your fourmla of calculating d price of my house is a intl formula?.or d formala is only for my specific area?.bcoz 1 of my relative sell is house for around 1 crore while his house rent value was around 35k monthly.....
            2143 days ago 

            Khalil Ahmad
            (17 posts)
            Rs. 20k is normal rent of 5marla double storey house but it can be increase if all facilities available near to your house.
              2141 days ago 

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