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Zafir adnan
( 1 post )

[2 Answers]
Can anyone tell me what is happening in Ahahalam Scheme market? Has LDA ordered to demolish illegal buildings there especially near Sunehri Masjid. Please reply

    2668 days ago In Want To Sell
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    Real Estate ..
    (1046 posts)
    Hello Zafir,

    I dont know the exact decision about it. But I guess LDA would demolish the encroachments because it is in a pursuit of demolishing illegal properties.

    As per I remember, recently the authority went for demolishing an illegal property somewhere but the land mafia beat up an official of the authority.

    z@in N@deem.
      2668 days ago 

      Ahsen Khan
      (190 posts)
      According to some reliable sources those buildings are not exactly illegal, it's more a case of security for the residents of that place because of the fact that those buildings are termed as precarious. Since there had been an investigation which resulted in discoveries which rendered those buildings as close to collapse i suppose that's why LDA is planning to demolish them. Furthermore there has been no such concrete evidence or statement regarding pulling down those buildings, its more of a declaration.
        2668 days ago 

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