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I am wondering if there are people who are consistently generating monthly income from trading plots (buying and selling) on short-term basis - buying a 4-5 million 'investor rate' plot and selling within a couple of weeks with a 2 lac-3 lac profit and repeating the process every month. Especially in B-17/Faisal Hills.

Goal would be to generate 5% return on investment every month doing this activity.

Is this a do-able strategy? Anybody successfully doing it? I would like to talk and get advice.

    13 days ago In Investors Advice
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    (2252 posts)
    Junaid sb, this is what precisely these real estate agents in those shiny offices do. The are living examples of such a scenario. Nothing bad in that as long as fair conduct. This is in practice since decades.

    -- Have a few investors at backing, willing to pay token or full payment in case buyer not found in 30 days time (to play safe).

    -- Market is full of sellers who want to sell on urgent basis and that goes cheap, sometimes up to 10% less on same day cash offer.

    -- Pay the Token with a 30 Days Time for final payments and transfer.

    -- In those days, sell that and get the transfer directly on buyer name.

    -- 2% commission in addition as part of the deal.

    The term we often here 'Investors'

    The above of course represents the most common mechanism, as far as keeping it fair. That requires it to be pretty much a full time job. Make sure all documents verified (Transfer Letter, Any outstanding dues, litigation, NDC etc.) at the time of Token Payments. Street Smartness if a pre-requisite to get into this.
      12 days ago 

      Rauf Khan
      (122 posts)
      @Imitiaz sahib, please also add that a black Vigo with armed guards might also be necessary requisite once you enter the spotlight. I have heard from good sources that such property trading practices in our land of the pure seems to attract sharks as they can smell money from miles away. I do not wish to scare anybody but you need to know all the pros and cons and go into this kind of business with both eyes open.
        9 days ago 

        Ahmed Tanoli
        (555 posts)
        I think its not happen on consistent base, its only happen when you have boom in particular sector like G-block of B-17 now a days.
          9 days ago 

          (266 posts)
          CDA sectors mein investor ban nay ki koi tips? some of my friends who are dealers are pushing me to be their investor and they are showing me some very good and big dreams, like I can earn around 5-10 lac per month on an investment of 80-90 lac. How can I play secure without taking any big risk?
            8 days ago 

            (979 posts)
            Nasir dear, yes you can invest if your dealer friends are willing to buy property in your name. That is if you're the legal owner of the property. If they want you to co-invest, then you should hold co-ownership of the property purchased.

            I am sure, investment ki baat yahin khtam ho Jaye gi.

            If you are willing to put your hard-earned money in unsafe hands than there are tonnes of double-shah and Ponzi schemes that offer 100% return.

              8 days ago 

              (2252 posts)
              Inam sb, you are right but that level of spotlight is when you reach to the point of launching your own project and that too at a significant scale. That is where the leeches will start to haunt you.

              Otherwise there are too many Toms and Harrys that easily make out a million or so in a month out of such businesses. Yes, in general you can't even feel safe parking your early 2000s model of Mehran outside your house! It's a bit touch and go sort situation, if one is a Sharif Aadmi he will suffer either way, if financillay weak or stronger ...

              Trick is simple for any project: 90+% deals from seller to end buyer gets cashed on token money of investor (30 days time). In worst case scenario, have the back up amount in case desired seller/value not found in 30 days, get it transferred to invetsor name to sale it at next possible opportunity. That adds up to transfer fees and taxes but if price escalate that gets compensated.
                8 days ago 

                (2 posts)
                Salam to all and RAMADAN Mubarak , just a question in my mind , what if buyer made the pay order ready on seller name , and seller changed his mind due to some other good offer or whatever reason even after taking token. What will be the best option to solve such case , also can pay order be cancelled in Pakistan.
                  8 days ago 

                  (979 posts)
                  That should be no issue, it can be deposited back to your account by the issuing bank if some evidence is provided that the deal was cancelled. You can check specific details from your bank. But this is routine matter.
                    8 days ago 

                    Raja Zaid Al..
                    (5 posts)
                    I also myself deal in these kind of investments with my own money and investors, we deal in gulberg residencia islamabad, and plan on expanding to other societies in future. Its going good so far just need to be in market all the time for updated rates etc.
                      7 days ago 

                      Humayyun Raj..
                      (149 posts)
                      Dear Masud

                      Mostly Bank give you a form for declaration, or ask a declaration on 100 rupees stamp paper, on which you declare that the deal has been cancelled or any other reason else. So bank accepts the Payorder cancellation request form with such declaration & same day the amount is credited in your account.

                        6 days ago 

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