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Samra Zulfiq..
( 484 posts )

[15 Replies]
Hi people,

I know someone who has invested in Atomic Energy Employee Society and I have also heard that plots of one Kanal here has 24 Marla (using different paramenters) but I could not find any other information about the society.

Can someone help me with that?

    1923 days ago In General Advice
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    (14 posts)
    Samra, it's located on main gt road in Rawat already developed and plot prices are also less other than, in front of this DHA 3 Rawalpindi is also very good for investment, positive thing for both CDA announced 5 lane each side isb highway expension project so it's will touch both societies,and will boost prices near future,
      1923 days ago 

      (3020 posts)
      There are some reports of a scam about it:

      I hope nothing serious but it will be prudent to check out these reports before investing. To see if all major issues have been resolved.

        1923 days ago 

        (3020 posts)
        This is PAEC society - Pakistan Atomic Energy Cooperative (PAEC) Housing Society. It is involved in corruption.

        "The inquiry held on the order of Justice Shaukat Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court (IHC) into “allegations of corruption against Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Cooperative Housing Society” has recommended recovery of over Rs2.3 billion from the society under Section 50-A of Cooperative Societies Act 1925."
          1923 days ago 

          Samra Zulfiq..
          (484 posts)
          Arrrrghhhh, who to trust then?
            1923 days ago 

            Samra Zulfiq..
            (484 posts)
            The person i am talking about, who has a plot here, she bought a 1-kanal plot here (24 marlas) for 24 lacs and now she is constructing her house there.

            She got lucky then, i suppose.
              1923 days ago 

              Crore patti
              (310 posts)
              I think there are lots of transformers issue is also there as far as I am remembering please check and share

              AAP KA APNA

              CRORE PATTI
                1923 days ago 

                Yousafzai 00..
                (124 posts)
                PAEC has undertaken four projects so far

                Rawat Phase 1

                Rawat Phase Extension

                Chattar Phase 2

                & Luxury apartments

                @ Samra

                the one you are talking about must be in Rawat phase (which is old one), possession over there have been handed over. People have started constructing homes however few members are yet to be given possession so if at all u r interested in PAEC, buying there would't be a risk just make sure u r buying through rite person

                @ PK 1

                The ref given covers the society in general. However corruption has been done mostly in Chattar Phase 2 (which is a new project)by management committee (MC) of PAECECHS.

                Chattar project is a very gud project with an outstanding location and cheap prices but unfortunately MC made sure to make it a failure.... Work is still in progress but at snail's pace because of ongoing inquiries funds have been blocked. PAEC projects are for its employes only and the irony is management committee comprises of retired and serving employes mostly who have looted the hard earned money of their colleagues

                i may be wrong if so do correct me

                  1922 days ago 

                  Hamza Asif
                  (830 posts)
                  Nice to read the conversation between you guys. I am from construction business and would like to help you in designing maps or other interior designing as well. You can try commercial and residential both kinds of construction at very good rates.

                    1922 days ago 

                    (631 posts)
                    Samra BB! i as an employee of PAEC warn ;avoid investment in PAEC housing society or any other Govt. Society schemes. Because any housing project management has to face at least a dozens Govt. Agencies for dev. Work and all these agencies are highly corrupt. So, Govt societies can not fill their pockets. Secondly, Govt. Schemes are run by most often highly corrupt govt employees. For reference, please check the status of PAEC Housing Scheme of Chathar, Barakahu, National Highway Foundation's Jinnah Town. Even DHA has been downgraded by the nexus of Corrupt Military Officers and Bahria Town.
                      1921 days ago 

                      (276 posts)
                      Ali any further update?

                      or still same situation?
                        1298 days ago 

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