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[8 Replies]
I wold like to know about the future of b. Enclave. I recently visited it and found good construction progress. However the prices are touching the sky for heavily filled trenches now called plots. Also the issue of not giving possessions to those who completed all their installments for 10 marla. My question is is it reasonable to buy 1 kanal residential plot for house with the current price?

    2593 days ago In General Advice
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    Dear sinful, i don't know whats going on that land. I visited the place in jan this year and frankly, was least impressed due to these factors:

    1. Although a nice road is laid there, but still i won't see myself going thru mini canyons in complete wilderness after sunset. No population on a 9km stretch from chak shehzad except kurri village and few other houses dispersed alongside.

    2. As you have mentioned yourself, the terrain didn't look so perfect for construction. Its quite difficult to pick up a plot which is not on a filled up area

    3. I am not sure if i buy a plot today, will i get the same plot on posession. As far as i understand, posession is given to only a few even in the so called old map. The map is revised twice and per my last info, it will be revised again as they will create plots near jigyot area.

    Considering all that, i would really question myself before betting 14,000,000 on a kanal plot which is promised to be handed over in 6 months. Although i seriously don't believe if anyone would be actually buying at this new price quoted by bahria. The actual market rate may be a lot different but it will still be around 9 to 10 million

    Nevertheless, people who subscribed to it in initial offer at 6 million, would benefit alot. But am skeptical that this price could climb any further.

    Put it this way, may be this is not the perfect time to buy there.

    But its up to you after all, one could have a completely different take on it. So consider alternate options with this kinda money, do the simple maths, if it adds up to you, go ahead.
      2593 days ago 

      (3020 posts)
      I agree that bahria enclave is way overpriced. Much better to invest in zone 2 the price of which will rise with the completion of new airport.
        2593 days ago 

        Prop Guide
        (6961 posts)
        I will share my personal experience of bah encl.

        I purchased 10 marla plot on 30 lacs, recently sold the same on 60 plus lacs.

        Purchased another 10 marla plot on 80 lacs in bah encl on installments.

        Extremely beautiful development done there. I don't agree that this total area is filled. Some area might by 10 to 15 percent but not all.

        The mall of islamabad is under construction at bah encl, this is a project similar to centurues blue area.

        Masjid is completed (almost)..... A lot of work done on zoo.....

        Around 40 houses are near completion (10 marla..)

        Commercial plazas are under construction.... Two houses in kanal area are under consturction....

        What else we can demand in one and a half area....
          2593 days ago 

          (248 posts)
          @ mbs great views i agree with you. I like bt infrastructure for the started phases and was with the same opinion about enclave till i went my self and found out these contradictions. I am planning on waiting for a yr or so before i buy a lot to build a house or to seek alternative. I am hopefully the elated prices will come down inshaallah.

          @ pk 1 i agree with you from investment perspective but am looking for residential area to build a house inshaallah.
            2593 days ago 

            (156 posts)
            Well bahria enclave is doing good but... Still enclave does not have N.O.C from cda... No grid station yet ... No boundary wall yet ... No commercial area, hospital,school near by... And this area may be liveable in 3 years ... So this increase may be artifical created by selected property dealers of bahria enclave ... To boost their invesment plots ...So i think we should wait a few months after the elections to buy in bahria enclave... I feel even if the price will not decrease after this .... They will surely not increase alot further in the future till bahria enclave is fully liveable after 3+ years...

            i'm also not sure what will happen with malik raiz and bahria town if PML-N comes into power .... due to history of issues between the two... this may also effect bahria encalve's development and prices?
              2591 days ago 

              (9 posts)
              Seems that ihsan is a property dealer who dont want that prices of bahria enclave come down. This project is not like centurus blue area dont tell lie mr.Ishan and dont make stupid to people. I am 100% sure prices of bahria enclave will be soon come down becos it is artificially increase by dirty malik raiz. Also nowadays lot of earthquake coming this is warning sign for malik riaz not make fraud with simple people
                2591 days ago 

                Prop Guide
                (6961 posts)
                Dear mr. Hello,

                I am not a dealer.

                People like you were telling such stories one and a half years back about bahria enclave but now every one can see the reality in terms of bahria enclave.

                The market value of plots in bahria enclave is very good. Development wise bahria enclave is excellent. Construction of international level school and hospital is going on very good pace.

                Please be realistic and accept the facts on ground. Everyone who visits bahria enclave will want to go back there and live there, if can afford that.

                Any one interested in bahria enclave should first visit the place and then decide. One should not only rely on property forums.

                I hv purchased 10 marla plot in bahria enclave for 80 lacs and alhamdolillah i am happy.

                The future is only known to allah.

                  2591 days ago 

                  (44 posts)
                  Untill the government comes up with regulation that controls speculation in the property market, this kind of bubble will continue to develop.
                  Unfortunately i haven't heard of any political party having this in their manifesto, probably because of vested interests.
                  In a way we are all part of one big mafia in pakistan. We know something is not right and continue to condone it (which is what basically happens in a mafia),
                  And there is definitely something not right here, in the infant mortality index we are 1 spot better than rawanda.
                  Kindly look at the index and see where we stand in the world. Most african countries are better than us. And in most of these social development indexes (on health, education etc) we are no better.

                  Investing such huge resources in projects (i.E. Property and such) which only benefit a few (mainly yourself), is not something which will improve the already wretched state of affairs of this country.
                  We are all pandering to our self interests.
                  I am amazed at how people are happy living in mansions, but outside their front door, there is stench of hunger and disease and poverty.
                  My apologies to the moderator for digressing of the topic. I hope its forgiven as a first post.
                    2585 days ago 

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