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Nafees Bhatt..
( 336 posts )

[62 Replies]
I have Rs 5-10 million which I wish to invest in Lahore. While I am really keen on buying property in DHA Phase VIII, I'd like to weigh my other options as well.

What is the best place to invest in Lahore which can yield good returns in around 5-10 years?

    3039 days ago In Investors Advice
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    According to my experiences DHA Phase 7 is best option for investment. It'll give you lot of in future within 5 years. But do make sure to choose a plot in the best location. If you have more question ask me freely.
      2981 days ago 

      Mansoor Azam
      (11 posts)
      LDA Avenue or Fazayia.
        2982 days ago 

        Nafees Bhatt..
        (336 posts)
        Thank you, Mian.

        I will get in touch with you shortly after discussing a few details with my friend. I am also particularly interested in DHA projects despite the controversy.
          2979 days ago 

          (3 posts)
          Buy a phas9 file one kanak best of luck
            2638 days ago 

            (3020 posts)
            I personally like sukh chayn better than dha. Even though main defence phases 1 to 5 are much more expensive, projects like sukh chayn and bahria town have more potential. The future is this side of lahore. You can also consider valencia and pcsir phase 2. But if you are really keen on dha you can consider a block of eme where you can get 1 kanal for around 1 crore depending on location.
              2638 days ago 

              Shoaib Manso..
              (328 posts)
              Dear nafees,

              I have also a budget of around 5million pkr and i recently visited pakistan and searched few options. I have found so far dha phase 8 (proper) to be a most appropriate option in terms of medium term investment (3 to 4 years) due to its most suitable location. Phase 7 possession will be a matter of few weeks (may be)... After min 2 to max 3 years phase 8 will be heading towards its possession and no other area in lahore can rise at an equal pace. 10 marla in phase 8 (x and y block) range b/w 40 to 50 lacs. And opposite to it phase-6 10 marlas range b/w 65 to 85lacs. So one can imagine its promising future potential...

                2638 days ago 

                (1157 posts)
                Shoaib is right, phase 8 proper is a hot cake.

                Although talk of the town is phase 9 but if you ignore what dealers say for 5 minutes and do your own maths, you'll be able to make the right decision.
                  2637 days ago 

                  Shoaib Manso..
                  (328 posts)
                  Yeah... If you look at phase -8 map, its y-block (opposite to ring road) sits exactly at the tail of phase-5(the most expensive phase of dha currently)... So i guess you can try to search a good plot in phase-8 y block.

                    2634 days ago 

                    (73 posts)
                    If some body ll visit all main societies and then he want to purchase the plot,then definitely he ll choose only bahria b or c which is the future of lahore.
                      2626 days ago 

                      Malik Nadir
                      (6 posts)
                      I think awt phase 2 lahore is the best place where you can invest with low budget and get alot of profit with 3 to 5 years. For more information contact me :
                      Malik nadir :+3218456111

                        2609 days ago 

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