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Aamir aasim
( 74 posts )

[9 Replies]
Dear experts,

Is it wise to construct home on 8 marla plot in i-16 now.
Will it bring some money in term of rent?.
Please advise

    360 days ago In Property Evaluation
    Post Answer
    (1953 posts)

    - Good time for plot based investment.

    - Ok time to construct (avoiding escalating construction expenses)

    - Non ideal for any decent rent expectation.

    A little bit survey on 16/2 can get a fair idea about future rental. Families living and construction numbers growing but I guess mostly own constructions rather then rental. Possession of PHA apartments and pace of development in I-15 will determine 16's suitability for proper living (may be atleast 2+ years from now) to get any serious insights.

      360 days ago 

      (173 posts)
      Not suitable for rent for at least 5 years, If you want to built a house for rent purposes than go for Gulberg, jinnah garden, soan garden etc or you can also go for I-10 or I-11.
        359 days ago 

        (300 posts)
        Any chance of development of I-15 in near future?
          357 days ago 

          Aamir aasim
          (74 posts)
          Thank you Imtiaz Sahib and Nasir Sahib.
            357 days ago 

            (1953 posts)
            I-15 development is on the cards for quiet a while and the news is it will start anytime soon. Just recently E-12 work started. As soon as some dust settled there may be in next few months I-15 development work to be started.

            Lets hope and see when does those big words translate into some ground work...
            Oct 04/19


            CDA-DWP approves five projects worth Rs18bn to develop new sectors

            "We just have to develop the sector to restore investors’ trust and we will get the maximum benefit by selling the plots. Moreover, Rs1bn is available in the account of sector I-15. We are in a position to self-finance and will be able to generate a huge sum of money after developing some sectors"
              357 days ago 

              (550 posts)
              It depends on your living standard. If you are considering living standards like G Sectors (G-6 to G-13) it is not the case with I-16 at the moment. If you considering comparable to Bahria Town or DHA, it do not have any match at all.

              At the moment, it is more considerable to invest in I-16 for better ROI in 2-3 years.

              If you want an immediate living you should consider G-13, G-14/4 (provided that you have a good budget) or consider Bahria Town Phae 8 populated blocks.


                341 days ago 

                (1953 posts)
                Khlaid sb have summed it well and concise.

                Just to add: I-series of CDA (with an exception of I-8) is the lowest end offered by CDA, CDA is all explicit about the facts (low income category)! Almost all I-series are at the intersection of RWP-ISB (adjacent you may call that) and historically they have offered quite good ROI over time relative to the amount invested. In terms of living, peace, etc. G-series (middle tier) for sure are way better than I but expensive.

                Though I-14 is getting populated quickly and location is ok too, grew quite well from 2015 to 2018 (Jun). Investment in 2+ to 5 years frame is in order of preference I-12, I-16, I-15. For now the focus is more on outskirts of ISB and that zone due to Airport factor is getting attention, though economic condition have slowed down the growth that was anticipated!

                Back to original question: I-14 could yield good rental value but not now for sure, 2+ yrs from now on will be a better indicator.
                  340 days ago 

                  (172 posts)
                  Well explained. There is also major dependency on the connecting road from I-16 to Motorway connecting/airport road. If that is also initiated, lots of construction activity will take place.

                  I have been there recently and saw lots of new construction taking place which tells me that it will get populated at much faster pace. The PHA apartments are a big question mark as their completion will surely add to the overall population of the sector and hence commercial activity will also pick pace.

                  Right now its best for investment in land as Imtiaz sb pointed out.
                    339 days ago 

                    Mohammad Kha..
                    (28 posts)
                    I thought about investing in the I-16 sector as well but am hearing rumors about a new up and coming project somewhere in I13 or I-14. What do you guys think?
                      213 days ago 

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