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It is always good to be cautious and careful when buying property. Consideration and comparison of all options in the affordable range is a must.

But should you wait for prices to stabilise? For budget to be announced or to be passed? For the effects of budget to show up?

For someone who has his saving in local currency, i would advise not to wait for all of these things. Wherever you buy, even if you have bought for rs 50,000 or rs 1 lakh extra (more expensive) - no problem. Excessive waiting will take the price of the same plot beyond your reach or above your budget.

No matter what people say and discuss, prices are rising. The reason simple, the rupee is losing its value against the dollar, so the owners will not sell at the same price after a few months. If they do they are making a loss while the demand is increasing. Makes no sense.

However, if you are an overseas Pakistani and your savings are in a solid currency such as dollar, pound, riyal or Dirham, then perhaps you can wait a little. But even then you should not wait too much. You can see that prices are rising at a faster speed than the speed at which your foreign currency savings are gaining against the rupee.

Secondly, we are all hoping that the decline of the rupee will be slowed down or stopped by the new government through its pro-business policies. But a lot will depend on the law and order situation. If there are no unfortunate incidents or sectarian violence, then the rupee will hold its value. Otherwise, mian sahab will find it an uphill task to stabilise the rupee.

In my view waiting too much for buying real estate is not a good idea except if your savings are already invested in a profit making enterprise.

    2719 days ago In Buying Process
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    Prop Guide
    (6959 posts)
    Dear pk1,

    I totally agree with your views.

    Keeping your money in the banks, is totally worthless, as the value of money is decreasing very fast.

    Investment in safe societies is very good option to maximize on your savings.

    Yes, it is right buying a good plot on a little higher side price is not a bad option at all, it become negligible in the long run.

      2719 days ago 

      (248 posts)
      Buying small properties is never a bad choiice inshaallah. Big properties ( kanal and above) could be risky and worth a wait given increasing taxing tendencies in the coming future.
        2719 days ago 

        (564 posts)
        I agree with Pk1's advice that one should not wait for the prices to come down and should invest instead of waiting.But finding right property to invest is the key.Fins right undervalued property to invest.And do your research before buying.

        Keep in mind, every property is not increasing, only selected properties are rising.And this is also a fact that buyers has been reduced in may and june and buying activity might be limited for the month of Ramazan too.
          2719 days ago 

          Sheikh Abdul..
          (1750 posts)
          @ sinful, your right but also the bigger the investment the bigger the return, so don't think kanal is risky, it all depends upon how much money you invest and what type of reputation the society where your investing has?

          @ pk1, excellent analysis. Also another interesting point is that... People may want to wait to invest as they would be waiting and looking at the market after a couple of months to see the governments actions. Most investors have faith in the gov at the moment like they did when they voted zardari, but once the new gov makes some rash decisions, how would people react? Would this increase or decrease property prices? This is what people are looking at, and perhaps waiting to see what happens...only allah knows... pray for the best!

          at the moment their appears to be too much bombings, which seems to have a bit of a bad affect on the county as well as real estate, as people don't seem to have the confidence to invest, they are waiting to see if things improve under the new gov.
            2719 days ago 

            (1157 posts)
            Waiting is better at this time :)
              2718 days ago 

              Shoaib Manso..
              (328 posts)
              Agreed with mbs :)... Recent events in karachi, balochistan and kpk didn't give any good signals for investment ...
                2717 days ago 

                Sheikh Abdul..
                (1750 posts)
                ...But at the same time people think that prices will rocket in islamabad as they feel now is the best time to invest as the real estate prices in islamabad appear to be increasing rapidly depending upon location so people think islamabad will become similar to lahore in the sense that you will only be able to buy a 5 marla plot for atleast a crore and that even maybe in the slums of islamabad.

                Astute investors would wait and see the market and what happens in the upcoming months, however, others may think otherwise

                also Ramadan is approaching fast so I think their will be a frozen gap in the market and then prices will start to pick up straight after.
                  2715 days ago 

                  (128 posts)
                  Cda development will also affect the prices of islamabad, if they starts new sector developments the other will get a price hike too.
                    2714 days ago 

                    Prop Guide
                    (6959 posts)
                    During the ramzan, i think the market will slow down and just after eid the activity in the market will be at a better pace. Different people have different mind set, some will wait for the market trend to get stable, some will buy now, so its all personal preferences.
                      2714 days ago 

                      Umme afia
                      (20 posts)
                      Assalamualikum warehmatullahe wabarakatuhu,

                      In 9 months, the prices has raised too much. The price of 8 and 10 marla plots are now of 5 marlas (esp. Cda sectors) and much more. The cost of construction has also raised up. So now 5marla home is above 1 crore.I don't know, how people can invest this much when development everywhere is going slow also. Isn't this a peak or there are more peaks to come?? I am also confused to invest now or wait.. In zardari time also, the prices fell too much. Now let see what will happen??
                        2714 days ago 

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