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UAE Expat
( 16 posts )

[11 Replies]

I'm an expat in uae planning to come back to pakistan in 2-3 years. Before coming here, the concept of living in an apartment seemed an unlikely option. But now after living here for so many years, it's quite acceptable now. I'm planning to invest mainly in plots but i want to have one investment channel on the apartment side. The plan is that when i come back, i can stay in my apartment for a year till i get me home ready (which i want to do in my presence). Afterwards move into my home and rent out the apartment or even sell it (but renting seems like a better options)

Any good suggestions. I see a lot of options in e-11. The major concerns there are:

1) noc from cda

2) quality of the building structure/material

So any suggestion about some good builder/developer who has a track record of timely delivering the project with good quality structure would be really helpful for me

    737 days ago In Want To Buy
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    (282 posts)
    Checkout Zarkon Heights. Outstanding location and quality development. Ready apartments are available in Block A whereas installments are available for Block C. Best investment option near new airport.
      629 days ago 

      (730 posts)
      If you want to buy an apartment only buy in Lahore. Islamabad is in the earthquake danger zone. Good chances of a strong quake, just like the one we had in 2005. All these tall building will collapse and owner of such properties will be left at mercy of Allah. No one will pay for their loss.

      So be wise and invest in Lahore apartments. Safe, Secure and long-term.
        629 days ago 

        (84 posts)
        Dear Friend


        Land appreciates but Buildings depreciate

        The ultimate rise in price of buildings is the sum total of above mentioned Appreciation, Depreciation duly adjusted by Inflation etc

        Rental income of Residential Units is comparatively less than commercials due to heavy maintenance

        If you are willing to go for residential rentals, then go for Houses than apartments

        Plz share your email or number for much better options especially Commercials for Rental Income, where you also own the Land


          622 days ago 

          Inamullah Kh..
          (80 posts)
          I'm surprised by the answer of JDM that all tall buildings in islamabad will collapse in earth quack as we seen in 2005.

          Did all buildings collapsed even in 2005 except one??
            622 days ago 

            Muhammad Ibr..
            (25 posts)
            Capital Residencia E11 is a very gud option
              622 days ago 

              AHMED NASEEM
              (16 posts)
              Bahria Tower 1 and Tower 2 in Bahria Enclave Islamabad are best option at the moment
                620 days ago 

                (8 posts)
                Ahmed Naseem sir please share some price estimate for one bed and studio apartment in bahria tower 1 & 2
                  620 days ago 

                  Ammar Khan
                  (113 posts)
                  @JDM. That earthquake belt is slowly shifting from Islamabad towards Lahore.. stay safe
                    619 days ago 

                    AHMED NASEEM
                    (16 posts)
                    @Zulfiqar sahib, I am not a property dealer so cannot give latest price. Actually my suggestion for these bahria enclave apartments was based on 2 reasons:

                    1. It would be the first apartment project which will be completed in this area and demand is there as some near by multinational companies (like head office of Zong) always need good accommodation. In fact 3 months before I was searching such accommodation and saw this project. But because this project was still in the finishing stage, I could not take this.

                    2. It is built by bahria itself and quality of construction is marvelous.
                      615 days ago 

                      (84 posts)
                      Rental income is best generated from Commercial Units if one can manage to find a Bank, Brand or MNC etc

                      If you are interested, plz contact us

                      We have options available for Complete Projects as well as Units/ Shares in such projects

                      HOMESCON Pvt Ltd

                      Office-5, Falcon Tower

                      Spring North, Bahria Town, Phase-7 Rawalpindi



                        596 days ago 

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