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Let's talk about the most happening place of pakistan now; gwadar :)

Government of pakistan has officially launched the cpec website



Tel: +92-51-9208952

Project Director/CPEC Coordinator

CPEC Secretariat:

Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform "P" block Pak-Secretariat,


Phone: (+92) 51 9208952

Fax: (+92) 51 9212792


You can find loads of info related to project updates etc here.

    1047 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Mr. Nawaz Sharif

    Prime Minister of Pakistan

    Official Message

    I feel honored to host HE Mr. Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China on his eagerly awaited state visit to Pakistan. I, on behalf of the people of Pakistan and the government of PML N, sincerely and wholeheartedly welcome our worthy friend and convey our good wishes.I wish to reiterate that Sino-Pakistan friendship is a fraternal reality that is much above considerations of formal alliances and pacts. Pakistan and China are committed to each other irrespective of established norms of interstate relations. In the annals of international relations Sino-Pak relationship is unparalleled, reflecting consistent harmony and goodwill. Both countries maintain ties that are all pervasive in nature positively affecting our large citizenry. I am confident that the visit of HE Mr. Xi Jinping augurs well for Pakistan and holds very special significance in many ways. China wishes to share fruits of its high economic performance with Pakistan by entering into a host of joint ventures aimed at enhancing Pakistan’s capability in the fields of power generation, road infrastructure and ports. The multifaceted China Pakistan Economic Corridor will take our relations to an entirely new level and bring in a series of mutually beneficial economic advantages.

    I acknowledge that the investment by major Chinese public and private sector enterprises in Pakistan is one of the largest influxes of foreign capital in Pakistan. It gives me great pleasure to note that majority of these projects has been initiated during the tenure of the present government that are now nearing implementation and commissioning stages. These projects would not only hugely impact Pakistan economy but would also boost confidence of international investors in the entire region. I am sure that the projects under China Pakistan Economic Corridor will create new job opportunities for our professional and skilled workers. They will help boost our national confidence and instill a sense of pride in all of us. In addition the Chinese groups and companies will have long term benefits from investment in Pakistan which will also open up new trade and investment opportunities for them at home and abroad. I am glad to note that this spurt of healthy productive activity is taking place in the year 2015 aptly titled as “Year of Friendship” between both countries. The quantum leap in business relations will result in stronger interaction between the people of both countries and result in further strengthening of our relations. I look forward to the visit of our worthy friend and wish him a very pleasant stay in Pakistan.

    Mr. Xi Jinping

    President of China

    Official Message

    Friendship between China and Pakistan is based on trust and mutual support, and we have been devoted friends through both good and hard times. Our friendship is a pacesetter for amicable relations between countries.

    President Hussain, Prime Minister Sharif and I have agreed to elevate China-Pakistan relations to an all-weather strategic cooperative partnership. This description of China-Pakistan partnership is a most appropriate one, as it aptly defines the all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation between China and Pakistan.

    First, we should strengthen mutual assistance and deepen strategic cooperation. We should keep the good tradition of frequent high-level visits and meetings, work together on major strategic issues, and support each other on issues involving our respective core interests and major concerns.

    Second, we should advance our shared interests and achieve common development. We should use China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to drive our practical cooperation with focus on Gwadar Port, energy, infrastructure development and industrial cooperation so that the fruits of its development will reach both all the people in Pakistan and the people of other countries in our region.

    Third, we should enhance close exchanges to build lasting friendship. This year is the Year of China-Pakistan Friendly Exchanges. We should conduct diverse and colorful events of celebration and encourage more contacts and exchanges between young Chinese and Pakistanis. In the next five years, China will provide 2,000 training opportunities for Pakistan and train 1,000 Chinese language teachers for Pakistan.

    Fourth, we should stick together in face of difficulty and jointly meet security challenges. China will work with Pakistan to tackle non-traditional security threats so as to provide a reliable security guarantee for bilateral economic cooperation and common development. The Chinese nation loves peace. China will continue to pursue win-win cooperation and enhance friendship and cooperation with other countries. It will stay committed to the policy of affinity, sincerity, mutual-benefit and inclusiveness. It will deepen win-win cooperation with its neighbors so as to deliver more benefits to them through its own development. China will continue to pursue a win-win strategy for opening-up to build an open economy. This will create new development opportunities and space to both Asia and the world. We will strengthen cooperation with countries along the land and maritime Silk Roads, so as to jointly build an open platform for cooperation and create new impetus to achieve sustainable development in the related regions.

    To build a China-Pakistan community of shared destiny is a strategic decision made by our two governments and peoples. Let us work together to create an even brighter future for China and Pakistan
      1045 days ago 

      (1157 posts)
        1045 days ago 

        Rafique Ahme..
        (54 posts)
        Is this right time to invest in Gwadar? Which project is safe & secure?
          1039 days ago 

          Waqas (Qaso ..
          (100 posts)
          CPEC no doubt is a game changer but very careful moves r required by Pak nation as many countries don't like this project at all few of them oppose openly and many other countries silently doing work on it to bring it down.

          Our leaders always beg for aid from different countries why don't they plan to generate our own money?? There is no lack of resources and talent here in our country.
            1039 days ago 

            (1157 posts)
            Main Projects

            1. Construction of Burhan-Hakla on M-I to D.I. Khan Motorway (CPEC)

            2. Gwadar - Turbat – Hoshab Section (200Km) of Gawadar - Ratodero Road (892 Km) M-8 including Khuzdar - Shahdadkot - Ratodero (143 km) - (Gwadar, Turbat, Khuzdar in Balochistan and Kamber, Shahdadkot & Larkana in Sindh)

            3. Widening & Improvement of N-85, Hoshab - Nag - Basima - Surab Road (459 Km) (Khuzdar,Panjgur)

            4. Zhob Mughal Kot 81 Km N-50 (NHDSIP, ADB)

            5. Rehabilitation of D.I Khan Mughal Kot 50 km Section N-50 (FERP Phase-II)

            6. Land Acquisition, Affected Properties Compensation for Construction of Burhan - Hakla to D.I. Khan Motorway

            7. Construction of Burhan-Havelian Expressway (E-35) 59.1 Km

            8. Thakot to Havelian 118 KM (Construction) (Phase-I) (CPEC) Thakot to Havelian 118 KM nd) (Phase-I) (CPEC)

            9. Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Section (230 km) (PKM) Multan - Sukkur Section (387 km) Credit Financing (90:10) (PKM)

            10. Sukkur - Hyderabad Section (296 km) (PKM) Basima - Khuzdar (110 km) N-30 CPEC

            11. Dualization of Yarik - Mughalkot - Zhob Section of N-50 (245 km) CPEC Western Alignment including Zhob Bypass and Land Acquisition

            12. Construction / Black Topping of Access Road from Makran Coastal Highway to New Gwadar International Airport (CPEC)

            13. Necessary Facilities of Fresh Water Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution Gwadar (CPEC)

            14. Construction of Cross – Border OFC System Between China and Pakistan For International Connectivity of Voice / Data Traffic (SCO) (CPEC Related)

            15. Provision of Seamless GSM Coverage along KKH for Proposed Gawadar - Kashighar Economic Corridor

            16. in Gilgit Baltistan (SCO) (CPEC Related)
              1035 days ago 

              (1157 posts)
              17. Provision for CPEC Related Security Projects

              18. Pak-China Year of Friendly Exchanges Programme (CPEC)

              19. Construction of Eastbay Expressway (CPEC)

              20. Capital Dredging of Berthing Areas & Channel for Additional Terminal (CPEC)

              21. Establishment of CPEC Support Unit (CSU) for projects and Activities in GPA

              22. Feasibility Study for Construction of Break Waters (CPEC)

              23. Infrastructure Development for EPZA and GIEDA, Gwadar (CPEC)

              24. Pak-China Technical & Vocational Institute at Gwadar (CPEC)

              25. Up-gradation of Existing 50 Bed Hospital to 300 Beds, Gwadar (CPEC) i) PC-II for Feasibility Study to Connect Gwadar with Karachi. (ii) Gwadar to Jacobabad via Basima under CPEC

              26. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Support Project at Ministry of Railways

              27. Comprehensive Feasibility Study for Upgradation/Rehabilitation of Mainline 1 (ML-I) and New Dry Port at Havelian (Buldhair) District Haripur under China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC)

              28. Doubling / Improvement of Existing Track from Port Qasim to Bin Qasim Station (CPEC)

              29. Feasibility Studies for Updation of Existing Main Line-II (ML-II) and Upgradation & Extension of ML-III in connection with CPEC (Revised)

              30. Feasibility study for Rail Link from Havelian to Pak China Border (682 K.M) (CPEC)

              31. Rehabilitation / Upgradation of ML-I including Acquisition of Land for New Dry Port at Buldhair, District Haripur(CPEC)

              32. 132 KV Sub Stations at Deep Sea Port Gwadar (QESCO)

              33. 132 KV Sub Stations at Down Town, Gwadar

              34. Pre-Feasibility - Installation of 300 MW Coal Fired Power Plant at Gwadar (CPEC)
                1035 days ago 

                Ammar Khan
                (113 posts)

                Truly an amazing place, international lobby intentionally made us away from this beautiful piece of land in our country. Wish Gwadar a bright future and earliest development.
                  449 days ago 

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