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[2 Replies]
Unfortunately there is no progress on dha express highway for last many weeks.

There is no underpass being developed b/w dha 2 and 5.

I visited the place few days ago and to tell you the truth the situation in dha 5 was worst. Even already developed footpaths were broken and there were bushes on the streets. Very sad to see that.

I really hope our investments are safe if not appreciating. But unfortunately that doesn't look how it is right now.

I believe we all have been conned by dealers on this fourm who were saying dha 5 was de best investment in islamabad/rwp.

    441 days ago In Where to Buy
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    AKH Sir,tried to reply you earlier but i think there was glitch at's end or maybe at service provider's side.Sir first of all as you know that in Pakistan,labor is in the habit of enjoying extended leaves so the till the return of the labor,development may remain slow.Before eid,they were cutting initial streets of P block and work was at the reasonable pace.Additionally development in N block was also being done.Let me assure you that your investment is in safe hands and you don't need to worry about it.It is a matter of time only.As for the connectivity between phase 2 and phase 5,that was and is a future oriented project but it was on the cards. Some maintenance and appearance issues may be there as it is usually the case with underdeveloped phases. Dha 5 is still one of the best investments in the present times and for the times to come.
      441 days ago 

      (118 posts)
      Thanks Falcon. I hope the situation is not that bad
        425 days ago 

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