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( 12 posts )

[7 Replies]
l am pleased to inform you that it is time to invest in D.H.A. Lahore, isn't it?
Let's talk about it.

    3071 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Mustafa Khan
    (20 posts)

    I definitely agree with you, Lahore DHA seems to be picking up in activity.

    I have spoken to a few agents and have also visited the DHA office a numerous time and the number of transaction are definitely increasing.

    Price for Phase 9 files only a few months ago were around 14 to 16 lacs, now they are hovering around 24 to 26 lacs.

    The unfavorable conditions in Karachi have resulted in people showing greater confidence in Lahore and when it comes to Lahore there is no better choice than DHA.

    Its definitely a good time to invest as prices are likely to rise further.

    Mustafa Khan
      3071 days ago 

      (43 posts)
      DHA Rehbar phase 2 & DHA phase 11 are also good for small investment.
        3069 days ago 

        Mansoor Azam
        (11 posts)
        What about DHA phase 5?
          3059 days ago 

          Mubashar Has..
          (2 posts)
          Sir this is the time to invest in DHA Lahore.
            2831 days ago 

            (3020 posts)
            Be careful of people using the DHA name such as DHA City. This is not a real DHA project - they are even misusing the name of the best DHA sectors like DHA EME sector.

            And no action is being taken against them for fooling the people. Probably some people on both sides are involved.
              2831 days ago 

              M Naveed
              (1 post)
              Can you please confirm for buying plot in phase-6 DHA Lahore 4 marla MB (on back side of MB) in front of J Block!
                2794 days ago 

                (233 posts)
                Yaar koi BCHS lahor eki updates day dai mujhe :(
                  2432 days ago 

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