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Salam dear members

I have a budget of 2.25 crs to build my own house in islamabad/rwp

After considering many options such as d12, e11, g13, ill, f-17, g-15 and others, i have narrowed down my picks to

1. Dha2 10 marla
2. G-14/4 5 marla

The idea of buying an old livable 5-6 marla house in main cda sectors is also dropped

The reason i mainly searched for main cda sectors is that we have lived all our lives there; but after my father retires from his government job next year we must vacate the government residence.

I am living overseas, and will remain here for 5-6 years; my younger brother is in army, and a married sister lives in a main cda sector.

Parents are preferring g-14/4 but my opinion is in favor of dha2

Your valuable opinions please, i believe dha2 will be more liveable and quality of life will be better than g-14/4, with security issues, water issues etc. The only issue will be commuting from dha2 to islamabad to meet relatives etc.

    243 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Gents to me, the time and circumstances we are living in, the bottom line lies with 3 critical factors, as far as personal living:

    A. Uninterrupted Power Supply in Summer
    B. No disruptions of Gas in Winters
    C. No shortage of water in Jun - Aug

    To may, a week's extended drives are still preferable than a painful summer night with no power or water!

    Whichever tick marks these just go for that. Good Location is icing on the cake! Yes, traditionally speaking Location is being the King but with road infrastructures, distance could be compensated if A class utilities are there virtually 24 x 7.

    For our generation that is at cross roads and often indecisive about CDA vs BT/DH, here is the way out of this Catch-22:

    1. Buy in CDA and Rent Out
    2. Pay that Rent to maintain your living in DH/BTs
    3. CDA property appreciates better and easy to sell off.
    4. If you realise 1 is your thing, move in, it's yours after all
    5. If you realise 2 is your thing, dispose off 1 & acquire 2.

    It involves hassle of 2X buy sell but somehow could give you best of both!

    I wonder why no mention of Gulberg that actually offers the better of both, i.e., location + amenities. Yes, it needs to get populated more, construction activity in quite good pace and quite a lot of Commercial being there already and more mushrooming up soon! For 2+ yrs I see significant population there and not to forget the big guns already have farm houses there ...

    The bits and pieces that makes a housing community/society to be super hit are there in Gulberg. Me inclusive, we are a nation obsessed with CDAs & GLIs, no matter how pathetic they get with time, never disappoints you @ time of selling!
      242 days ago 

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        243 days ago 

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        Brother, as you are looking to settle your parents in some nice place, the answer is simple "DHA".

        G-14/4 is more suitable for people who have a daily commute to the city hub, for the person whose children are studying in universities, people who can afford the hassel to engage water tankers in case of water shortages.

        For the people who want to enjoy peaceful living, well maintained infrastructure, utilities and life style DHA is the best.

        For capital gains G-14 have more potential and will appreciate better due to its location. But the intrastructure and maintaince issues will never be fixed.
          242 days ago 

          (16 posts)
          Thank you Khalid Sb,

          I am looking for a plot both in G-14/4 and DHA phase 2

          The prices are increased w/r/t my last visit in Dec 2019

          Plus plots with proper size / dimensions and reasonable location have already exceeded 1.5Crs in the DHA
            242 days ago 

            Abdul Qayyum
            (2536 posts)
            Ali sb
            I fully second Khalid's advice. I am living in DHA-2 and luxury of life is no match to any other location in twin cities.
            ...Ample water supply due to extra deep water wells.
            ...Mega Malls at the door step.
            ...Fast foods
            ...Most importantly boundary wall.
            ...Real terms security
            ...Standard drinking water
            ...We do outside walk post midnight sometime but no robbery fears at all
            ...Put whatever you need to put near garbage outside location, it will be picked up b4 you know
            ...Maintenance services on one call.
            ...Most important and a unique facility: All testing centres right inside DHA-2, Shaoukat Khanam and all best ones in the country.
            ...Post office
            ...Nice high quality schools in the vicinity and if you do not need ultra high, Zaraj is offering a nice school for kids.
            ...Many more....
            ...Most of the banks and lockers inside.
            ...My house is 1 Kanal in a prime sector with basement and just out of curiosity, I checked for price at 6 crores, a man is after me to negotiate. I am sure after Islamabad highway gets signal free, the prices will challenge G-14/4.
            ...CDA sectors no doubt have an edge and will have an edge but quality of life is keeping improving in DHA-2 and sorry to say, so far only deteriorating in G-14/4 and all other non-VIP sectors.
            Brother having said all that, DHA-2 is very expensive, a 10 marla good location will cost you 1.25 crores to even higher better settle for 10 marla make a basement and enjoy the life.
            Best of luck

              242 days ago 

              (974 posts)

              I know as old Islamabadi, it is very hard to accept any vicinity outside zone 1 as true Islamabad. So my question is, did you consider Bahria Enclave? Though it is in zone 4 and quite far, but it still "feels" part of main Islamabad. Plus a 10 marla in a populated place would fit nicely in your budget (in fact save you some money). And it is live-able right now.

              If not, then G-14/4 is a nice choice, make your move before it is too late. CDA sector prices hardly come back, so do not wait.

              DHA 2 is no doubt a nice place. But it is another city from an old Islamabadi's perspective. You can chose it if you or your parents have nothing to do in zone 1 anymore.

              Fresh wave of price hike is expected before December, Lahore DHA is already experiencing it, so probably this is the right time.
                242 days ago 

                Ammar Khan
                (254 posts)
                Islamabad has the beauty of Margalla hills.

                DHA has done a great job but they have selected a very poor location which is too far from central Islamabad. I wish they had selected the Barakhu area instead. That would have been closer to Islamabad and more scenic. Even if Islamabad highway gets signal free one day, DHA may close the price gap further but will always remain behind the pricey sectors of Islamabad (Zone 1) in both Price and Rental value. If the price and rental value would be the same then why would companies and individuals want to be in DHA instead of Islamabad? So the price gap will remain there.
                  242 days ago 

                  (622 posts)
                  I agree to all the respected members regarding the factor DHA is quite far from Islamabad and CDA Sectors will keep on appreciating but one thing is far more important than that which is "Peace of Mind".

                  Trust me no one have the peace of mind better than DHA living.

                  Regarding Encalve, it is a good place to live as well but it is still not approved from CDA, no Gas and Bahria is keep on rolling back in terms of provision of utilities and security.

                  I myself experienced living in CDA Sectors and Bahria Town, and suffered a lot in terms of security in BT.

                  There is no comparison to DHA in terms of living quality and peace of mind. If you can compromise on Peace of mind, then every other sector of CDA will give you better ROIs. Choice is yours, but realistically specking if you are looking for your parents and family, CDA is a big NO.
                    242 days ago 

                    Ammar Khan
                    (254 posts)
                    You are right Khalid sb but peace of mind is in stress management and not in traveling so far from one city to another in a heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic and especially when one has to commute two times a day (morning and evening). Outside DHA boundary wall on the roads, is a horror story
                      242 days ago 

                      Abdul Qayyum
                      (2536 posts)
                      Ammar sb
                      No doubt Islamabad will be always on plus side being capital.
                      But rental value is directly proportional to the worth of the property!
                      Just imagine price difference between CDA one Kanal in F sectors and DHA-2 blocks then ROI could be worked out in rental prospective.
                      There are people who want scenic views and there are ones who want social amenities, security, cleanliness.......
                      D and E sectors must have been best places in twin cities, to some still do, but we know these sectors can never ever reach DHAs /BTstandards.
                      I can tell you 10s of friends who worked with me in gulf and now came back home, selected bahria or dhas after being considerate between E @ D of CDA.
                      Looking over all the time on hills is ok but does not suffice for a sustained and an aesthetic living.
                        242 days ago 

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