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Nasrullah Kh..
( 34 posts )

[17 Replies]

I want to buy 1 kanal plot for building a house for self. I don't know much about islamabad

Kindly share your thoughts briefly

1. Cost of 1 kanal plot in these two schemes?
2. Briefly compare these two for me

I will b grateful for your thoughts/time

    215 days ago In Where to Buy
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    M Subhani
    (6 posts)
    According to my knowledge and research:

    DHA 5 is far more better than DHA 3, in regard of locality and future prospective, I will list it down some pros and cons.

    - DHA 5 is a part of Islamabad while DHA 3 is more towards pindi.

    - DHA 5 has largest commercial area especially Central commercial in between of sector A,B and C which includes Hospital, Mosque, Community club and other amenities.

    - DHA 5 has direct access from Islamabad Expressway, and recently government decided to grant 10 Billion for extension and widening of Islamabad expressway, which is positive sign for future price appreciation.

    I would recommend you before taking any decision, visit both sites and thoroughly see maps for better understanding. It would help you in your decision.

    Good luck.
      215 days ago 

      (4444 posts)
      Dha 5 has much better prospects due to its location and increasing construction activity. Dha 3 will take time to be livable.

      For further details,you can contact me at 03455370978.
        215 days ago 

        Abdul Qayyum
        (2044 posts)
        Both have their own attractions. Phase 3 is on RRR, near new airport and bypasses the murderous traffic of Pindi downtown.

        But one has to see the new Pindi part of phase 3 and the garden city part of phase 3. GC part is only advisable as it will populate fast.

        DHA 5 on the other hand is Islamabad thing but reaching RRR is not much attractive and exiting to Wah and kohat side is a long rushy driving.

        Both are expensive and have attractions but dha 5 is more scenic and likely to appreciate more than dha 3. Only Allah Knows Best.
          214 days ago 

          (129 posts)
          @ Abdul Qayyum sahab ,

          Sir how you see prospects of Dha Phase 5 in next 2-3 years.Prices are stagnant for last long time now.

          And How do u see Dha phase 3 (Ex serene city) sector A for investment and living. Please guide.
            214 days ago 

            Abdul Qayyum
            (2044 posts)
            Mubashir sb.

            Both are in tight horse race. Both are expensive. Since bahria has been kicked out from DHA 2 extensions, DHA cannot blame bahria for slow development and DHA has huge resources to develop DHA 5.

            If you see a 5 marla in proper DHA 2 at 75 lacs plus hard to find then DHA 5 seems lot better to invest.

            DHA 5 , sector F still has possession issues and that must not be forgotten. Now new nomenclature in DHA 5 is: A/B....../F.
              214 days ago 

              Kashif Ehsan
              (39 posts)
              Sir Abdul Qayyum sb Which sector of DHA-5 do you advise in general?
                214 days ago 

                Zarkon Anwa..
                (111 posts)
                @Abdul Qayyum sb

                Any update of DHA 2 extension?
                  213 days ago 

                  Abdul Qayyum
                  (2044 posts)

                  When I visited last time, As I said before, sector K, L, P & Q were my dream places. Now one has to visit and see those locations with new names.

                  One thing is for sure now: DHA valley will offer more and more blocks for possession in very near future and that will boost the whole DHA further. DHA valley is likely to get the name of DHA-6 as per world of mouths. In coming December, you will see more DHA valley blocks in market. Dhadhoocha dam is going to be a picnic place per inside sources.
                    213 days ago 

                    Fahad Azhar
                    (125 posts)
                    One must consider Rawat industrial estate pollution before getting something in DHA Phase 5.

                    Yes I also think DHA Valley or DHA Phase 2 extension will be the DHA Phase 6.
                      211 days ago 

                      Abdul Qayyum
                      (2044 posts)
                      @ Fahad

                      Pollution is hard to avoid anywhere in Pakistan. Industrial sector I-9 is in the heart of Islamabad. Noise pollution is another issue near industrial areas but we see societies near airports are popular, ignoring 24/7 landings and take offs!

                      But yes, if it could be avoided, why not?
                        211 days ago 

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