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[19 Replies]
Congratulations to all investors on the ballot. Finally your files have turned into plots with numbers on them. :)

Top Sectors:

P, Q, A, D

Great day for those who got good located plots and got a hike on their investments. For the other ones, here are a few words not to scare them off but to help make future decisions.

Lets accept it, Phase 9 was Brutally over-rated by the dealers on its location, accessibility and prospective master plan. But it just failed on all.

Trust me i do not like what am gona write now but in my limited knowledge, this is how i interpret it.

- Accessibility: interrupted access from Lahore Ring Road & bedian road, no direct access to ferozpur road, not connected to phase 5.

- Master plan: Fragmented and ordinary; beleaguered by the villages, graveyards, factories, farmhouses and multiple small societies. Compact and very tightly packed, fewer and smaller parks compared to the number of plots.

- Location: dug deeper and far away from the population

- Average price pre-ballot: 1 kanal: 60 10 marla: 40 5 marla: 25 + development charges

I am struggling to find any distinctive aspects to justify the pre-ballot prices... The realities might strike further in coming days.

Lets see the market behavior in next few weeks, good or bad, it will take its Real course NOW.

    1612 days ago In Investors Advice
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    (1157 posts)
    @Baajwa, sell if you get a good offer but may well hold it for a few years if you dont get a good price.
      1612 days ago 

      Faizan Khan
      (153 posts)
      @ MBS thanks alot for the reply but i mean evaluate location wise only.... If possible....
        1612 days ago 

        (1157 posts)
        Average. Good thing: near theme park n not surrounded by a village but unacquired area. Bad: near boundary
          1612 days ago 

          Faizan Khan
          (153 posts)
          Ok... Thanks alot!!!!!

          i am not happy with the location at all..... Might keep it fr a year..... Then will decide what to do with it......
            1612 days ago 

            (843 posts)
            As one of brain posted earlier i am just spreading it .

            5 marla . 1 to 4 valid kanal . 5 valid

            1a. Dha town possession is in week or so , prices after possession will climb from 45 to 60 to new height of 75.

            1b.dha town file will increase from present 35 to 40.

            2a. Dha phase 9 prism will be in between 35 to 50 as these are plots now without possession.

            2b. Dha town prism file will climb to 30 . As balloting is happening in December.

            3. Dha 9 extension files will be near 20 . As it will take 2 years for balloting but now in front in queue after phase 9 balloting .

            4,dha city will shoot to 15 . As investors seeing it oppurtunity so low price and not much to invest left in lahore with that budget demand will increase . But it will face wild swings too .


            5, dha multan will down to 26 as dealers will unable to put trust in buyers to invest here , multani already not interested in it . :pkf :cl

            plain investors keep this info in mind and keep sharing time to time as it will get deleted may be . SS
              1605 days ago 

              (1106 posts)
              Today's prices of Phase-9 plots on LRE website:

              Near R 322 @ 45 Lac With Out Development Charges 10 Marla

              Near L 1229 @ 45 Lac With Out Development Charges 10 Marla

              Near L 1277 @ 25 Lac With Out Development Charges 5 Marla

              Near L 1264@ 25 Lac With Out Development Charges 10 Marla

              Near J 3055 @ 25 Lac With Out Development Charges 5 Marla

              Just remember buying/selling has not started as yet officially & you can check the start of prices. I assume proper selling pressure would be witnesses in next 2-4 months then you can imagine the drop in prices.

              Personally, I wish prices should remain stable so none of our brothers/sisters get lost their hard earned money who invested in this mega project.

              In the long run around 5-6 years, Phase-9 would be very good & its will not disappoint its investors. Only issue is, it has to pass through many ups & downs to reach at that level.
                1605 days ago 

                (84 posts)
                Its been a while since balloting was done for DHA phase 9. Any updates on the price trend?
                  1581 days ago 

                  (155 posts)

                  Your reasons of P, Q, A, D to be the top sectors?
                    1578 days ago 

                    (131 posts)
                    When are the development charges going to be released ?

                    When is DHA lahore going to send us letters ?
                      1578 days ago 

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