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Sufiyan Mahm..
( 80 posts )

[2 Replies]
DHA Quetta has revealed on its social media channels that the project management would soon notify the ballot winners of the Smart City Phase-I for sharing the down payment details of the project. The management expects to notify the ballot winners very soon for confirming their addresses in this regard.

DHA Quetta will share the down payment details of the various categories for which it held the ballot on March 14. These included residential, farmhouse and commercial plots in the Smart City Phase-I project.

The management also clarified that it was unable to send conformation letters to the ballot winners since the courier services were not functional during the ongoing COVID-19 spread in the country. Do remember that DHA Quetta offices in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi are also closed until April 5 due to the pandemic.

    294 days ago In Buying Process
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    (252 posts)
    I am DHA Quetta authorised dealer. They are closed till April 5th. They will mail downpayment details to your mailing address and also on the official website you will be able to get challan forms and other needed forms plus confirmation letters. DONT buy-sell its files without first personal verification from DHA Quetta offices as bogus files trading rumours in the market/

    Need more details to feel free to call me on WhatsaApp at +923224929992
      294 days ago 

      Sufiyan Mahm..
      (80 posts)

      Thank you for sharing this information. I wanted to ask if there was an alternative way to identify the bogus files since the offices will remain closed till April 5?
        293 days ago 

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