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Cabinet Division E-16/17 is one of the largest society in zone 2 Islamabad sprawling over almost two full sectors and beautifully developed by Habib Rafique Limited. From the higher sides of the society you have the nice serene view of the Margallas and the Sandaimar Dam. Its a vast, peaceful and pollution free place.

Its just few minutes drive away from the CDA G-14 sector and the best one in terms of location wise as it is the first society on the GT Road after Tarnol railway crossing going towards D-17, ECHS, Wapda Town, AWT, RCHS and B-17.

Construction on plots have started off while work is in progress for the provision of gas, electricity and water services.

Possession is being offered on clearing dues and you could start construction straight away.

Not much have been discussed on E-16/17 on this forum but i am sure that this society is a next giant. Once the utility services are in place this society will go out of reach. Though water and electricity is already available to the few residents in E-16 specially through tanker service/bore water and temporarily erected power lines, however underground electricity network and water supply system is being developed.

Similarly according to one senior official of the society the gas connection to the society has already been approved and it will be available to the residents soon after the gas pipe lines work in the streets is completed.

Last time when i visited the society i saw quality construction work going on few plots. I hope construction on plots will accelerate in the coming months.

The society exists physically and its not on the map only. Its not long term but short term investment opportunity. And if you want to construct your house you can do that as well.

Since it is developed by the market leader HRL (developer of DHA and Bahria) it gives similar look of DHA 2 k-m blocks.

But in my humble view soil quality of this society is much much better if we compare to DHA-2 k-m blocks.

I have observed that most of the people at this forum discuss about the societies that are close to the new international airport. Interestingly, I have been to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Multan existing airports but i never noticed the kind of commercial activities around them that we are expecting from the new Islamabad international airport.

I admit that Lahore in some way is an exception but it is due to DHA Lahore and not because of airport itself.

Societies close to new airport are obviously airport oriented but societies like E-16/17 and B-17 are Islamabad oriented and yet close to the new airport. Whats more, Margalla Avenue will change the picture for it altogether IA.

For those who think that they should buy plots close to the new airport they could do so in its E-17 sector which is close to the airport and will be connecting it through motorway and Fateh Jang road.

E-16/17 and adjacent societies are at the the "junction" of the GT Road, Margalla Avenue (under construction and will directly connect it with Islamabad posh sectors of E and F series), Fateh Jang Road and Motorway.

**Prices in E-16/17 are still very reasonable which actually started appreciating since last year or so but still attractive and lower to the neighboring societies and offers significant growth opportunity of your investment in the near future.

Mind you that the price gap between this society and the neighboring societies such as D-17 (Margalla View), B-17 and ECHS is shrinking fast. Because of the quality development and easy accessibility from all directions it has all the potential to catch up and even surpass others in the competition and come at par with B-17.

A very good Society where you can still buy 30x60,35x70 and 50x90 plots in very good price.

It varies in this range:

30x60: 17 to 23

35x70: 21 to 27

50x90: 28 to 40


Though there are no typical issues in the society but still to be on the safe side consider the following:

1-buy only those plots that have possession or ready for possession if dues are cleared.

2-check the plot physically on the site.

3- though development work has been slow but still steady. It will just take utility services to be functional and you will see construction every where IA.

Indeed, this is the buying time in the society or you might miss the opportunity.

    2028 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (3020 posts)
    Agreed. Good analysis.
      2028 days ago 

      (370 posts)
      Very nice and detailed info about E-16 and 17. Can you give us some info about the price ranges of possession plots.
        2028 days ago 

        (316 posts)
        Hi Boss ,

        I am taking your lines....

        Electricity is available through temporary poles( Cables you have to buy yourself which cost upto 1 lac)

        Water is provided by tankers is not a good thing..

        NO Gas.. Is also a big issue..

        No doubt the society has potential... But still a medium potential society.....
          2028 days ago 

          (610 posts)
          Good Safe investment,.!!
            2028 days ago 

            (3020 posts)
            Gas facility was inaugurated last year but supply yet to start. After some it will start. Electricity they will give after elections
              2028 days ago 

              Hasan Jawwad
              (21 posts)
              Really good info and update about the society. Definately the potential is there, just hope the higher ups in the society start speeding up the development work overthere.
                2027 days ago 

                (2512 posts)
                Very Nice Analysis.
                  2027 days ago 

                  (31 posts)
                  Would any informed member update the prices of possession plots for different plot sizes in E-16/17 please? I am looking to buy if got a good deal.
                    2027 days ago 

                    Prop Guide
                    (6961 posts)
                    Dear Idris,

                    You have summarized well about E-16/E-17...

                    The development is by HRL but the quality standard is not same as that in Bahria... A bit low quality work, but still reasonable.

                    Cost wise the society has very good potential... Returns will be very good for 2 to 5 years time frame...

                    So, in my view, it is safe and good investment.

                      2027 days ago 

                      (248 posts)
                      Agree with Khan.

                      Great potential here.

                      PS: I am an investor in E-17
                        2027 days ago 

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