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Rehan Shafi
( 5 posts )

[15 Replies]
I need the experts opinion on the Roshan Pakistan Housing Scheme.

I know once the NOC was cancelled by CDA after that CDA gives one year extension to do some development. I have few questions regarding to RP.

1- Is the land acquired by the RP? If not then will they acquire it as they are selling plot (I thought in the land which is not acquired yet).

2- Is there any chance of full development in next 5 years?

3- If CDA again cancel the NOC of RP then what will be status of owner of the plots? I want to ask in that case all the money will be lost?

4- As the plots are available on the installments (3 year plan) and I have total 7 years to start construction of house. Should I go for RP?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

    2580 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Sheikh Abdul..
    (1750 posts)
    Rp is a huge huge gamble! They have been playing games for a lot of years and cda cancelled noc for a reason! CDA have warned not to invest in this sector for a reason, they have not mentioned that they have given an extention. Invest at your own peril! Its a bad move in my opinion. Go for cdechs as thats in e-16 and that's fully developed but prices are steep! Choice is yours...
      2580 days ago 

      (3020 posts)
      Land is acquired but there are other problems such as cda noc and lack of interest of society management.

      I agree with abdul ali you should instead consider e-16/17 (cabinet) where prices are already high but will keep rising more and more because surrounding societies are all still much higher (for example jkchs, f-17 telegardens and d-17 engineering).

      Cabinet still has to catch up with these societies and it will when gas connections are available (already there is progress on this front) and population starts to move in. Cabinet is a higher than roshan but a safe and good investment insha.Allah.
        2580 days ago 

        Prop Guide
        (6959 posts)
        Rehan shaif sb,

        I would second the point of views of abdul ali and pk1, as the risk factor in roshan is very high. It is exactly like playing gamble, you may get a lot of benefit or lose your saving. So think well before taking any action.

          2580 days ago 

          Rehan Shafi
          (5 posts)
          Thanks you all for your kind opinions.

          Can anyone have any information about g-17 (supreme court employees housting society). I know the transfer is not whihc is one of very big risk. But if i get plot file from some reliable person the transfer risk can b minimized.

          The prices of the file are very low as compared to the other sorruding socities.

          Can anyone tell what will be its future in 5 year?
            2580 days ago 

            (1 post)

            CDA has reinstated NOC and RP s not on list of unauthorised housing schemes (check out link above).

            For seasoned investors, there is a lot of politics in issuing, withdrawing and reinstating 'NOCs', the key with E16 is that it is a prime location, with the airport on the horizon and a large number of overseas investment, E16 is set to flourish in to a luxury development.

            Watch this space !
              2355 days ago 

              Sheikh Abdul..
              (1750 posts)
              Cda maybe reinstated noc...but firstly for how long again? noc or no noc, but what good is that when management are sitting in front of the sunshine sipping pepsi in the Bahamas and have no interest in completing this project! this is dragging on now...
                2355 days ago 

                Mirza Junaid
                (521 posts)
                  2355 days ago 

                  (316 posts)
                  I have visted the site and seen machinary working on it..

                  I think things may get a better.... Or those stuck can get out of it
                    2355 days ago 

                    Shahid M
                    (35 posts)
                    How about Roshan Pakistan now a days? Many people claim that they are doing development now.. If anyone has visited the society recently, please update.

                    Kindly shed some light on investment option here for small budget people who can't buy on ground plot on lump sum. Sheikh Abdul sab, can you share any such option on installment.
                      2346 days ago 

                      Muhammad ali
                      (128 posts)
                      I visited site today n let me tell you the reality.roshan Pakistan society have 2600 plot of diff size in society.n more then 90 percent sold out already so they don't need to advertise more n its not big society like others that's why dealers n in investers are not in for as development is concern thy are doing it I saw on site today n land is already plain n good land n in shape already .sites office exist on site you can go n discuss wide them.and I am giving you breaking news that 2 houses already in construction phase n one of it in front of society office own by CDA assistant director 'I personally met him its safe for investment don't worry as in same sector cabinet division rates are double, only diff is that there roads are carpeted.also RP planing to take land for there separate gate before cabinet.thy revising prices in this month .current rate of 11 marla is 17lac n I took in 14old prices with down payment of 5.5 lac.I have links in society if anyone interested to buy in old price within one month, can contact me after 03215026410
                        2337 days ago 

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