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[55 Replies]
Peshawar has seen massive influx of displaced people from war/terror torn KPK which has led to land worth platinum in the only decent housing society Hayatabad. As there has never been an alternative except the decade stalled regilalma project which is very well planned besides being massive in size. My question is would the innovative PTI make this a reality or it would be the same as before?

    2373 days ago In General Advice
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    (1015 posts)
    Thanks Sohail bhai & Shabir bhai.. We have to speak up on these things openly as it is an essential requirement of the current times in our society. Realising the problem will lead us to help ourselves.
      1990 days ago 

      (30 posts)

      Any Updates
        1931 days ago 

        Sohail Khan
        (531 posts)
        If PTI get some extra time other then to RE-OPEN the 4 baloting results and Azadi walk.

        To work on main issues of KPK and make it a real model provience might help them more in next elections rather looking for the short cuts.
          1928 days ago 

          Shabir Ahmad
          (315 posts)
          Yah Sohail sahib. I am gree with you. I think they (PTI) are now putting their full presure on Government. Earliery government was not taking serious their demand. Now they will come or before government become agree on four results recounting/review. Some minor and major errors will come out and then PTI said you see what we were asking and we must change this system (election) seriously. Then this event will end with serious note that PML (N) will perform in center and punjab and PTI will perform in KPK. This is my conclusion and I pray for this ideal end. :))
            1926 days ago 

            Imran Khan
            (383 posts)
            Dear Sohail & Shabir, no political discussion, the question is about regi project, if you know anything about that just share, thanks.

            Regi issue was in court, not with govt. If it was a govt. Issue the previous govt could have solved it.

            but still sale purchase is going on there.
              1926 days ago 

              (83 posts)
              The regi campaign is at full swing on twitter @peshawar_regi_town.............. Asad umar has responded. One our friends met him regarding the regi issue. He asked him to wait till 14th of august and that asad will discuss it with Ik after that. Besides that a final jirga is in progress according to the minister LGRD Inayat Ullah Khan. On ground, construction is in progress and Regi is developing slowly but surely.2.8 billion has been allocated in this budget by the provincial govt. For the purchase of land for ring road (phase warsak road to jamrud road). The fed. Govt has also allocated funds for the construction of northern bypass
                1926 days ago 

                Shabir Ahmad
                (315 posts)
                Dear Imran sahib: Agree with your view point and sorry for my irrelevant comments. Regards
                  1925 days ago 

                  (30 posts)
                  Received a letter from FBR statting you are running a business and should get registered with FBR for paying tax.

                  I have a plot in regi lalma, which is not under my possession.

                  So no chance of running a business.

                  Kindly suggest me regarding the same. Do we have to pay income tax on residential plots??

                    1896 days ago 

                    Alpial Rajpu..
                    (10 posts)
                    Brother, an income tax lawyer or anyone in the same situation might be able to help you.
                      1750 days ago 

                      (35 posts)
                      Prices seem to have increases in recent times.

                      Whats the reason?

                      Is it DHA or there is some progress in RMT
                        1438 days ago 

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