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Aftab Alam
( 15 posts )

[3447 Replies]
What is the future of bahria enclave 2 in two three years?

    2689 days ago In Investors Advice
    Post Answer
    (146 posts)
    @Sufiyan, as of now i can only contact them through emails and to my surprise nobody is bothered or have curtsy to at least reply my emails forget giving any solution. If this is the standard of Pakistan's so called best developer one can understand the frustration of peoples struck with other societies.

    I was hoping to get some support on this forum, but it seems nobody wants comment against BT.
      591 days ago 

      (2438 posts)
      Sir, everyone who may had bought any stuff, not only in Real Estate but any other asset provider have gone through same feel of disgust. Even, if you get something delivered, the undertaking you do with each single clause tilted in the favour of the developer is a shame and feels like a contractual signature on some modern day slavery.

      When the state bulldozes common man's generation's old house on 3 days notice but goes on a Honeymoon with these BTs/DHAs/etc. on encroached land/corrupt practices/exploitation, common man loses remaining guts to raise the voice unfortunately.

      Options are limited, Social Boycott that our nation is poor at, or Legal Action that our legal system that is too weak to stand with the right.

      Misery continues...
        591 days ago 

        Ibrar Hussai..
        (25 posts)
        I bought 5 marla plot file for 9.5 Lake initial payment plan and end up getting rid of the file for 6.5 lake. My experience with private developer so far is very bad and will not invest any more money with them. There is one more file I got from Sky Commreres , they are also pain in the but.
          591 days ago 

          Zain Malik
          (31 posts)
          I have had similar experiences with Bahria and the likes. They are only concerned about filling their own pockets and no longer care about their buyers as they have learnt to make money off them as they please. Look eslewhere
            587 days ago 

            (146 posts)
            @Imtiaz Bhai, I am working with a property developer and involved in formulating the agreements, to some extend its normal to protect your rights through such clauses in agreements, but my question is very simple why do the management allow such fraudulent transactions at first point? Just to earn more money as transfer fee? means for their small benefits they allow these brokers to sell anything which does not even exist.

            Who to be blamed? Broker or developer?

            For 10 years i was putting all my savings in real estate sector ended up losing every thing. You talk about private societies, Bahria Town, DHA or CDA its seems all are on same page and least bothered to support their investors/end users.
              587 days ago 

              (77 posts)
              @shah I think litigation issue are in other blocks too . Definitely your dealer known about it before. Anyhow ask your friend / relative to visit the BE office personally and get the info. Hope BE would solve this litigation issue soon.
                572 days ago 

                Syed Raza
                (44 posts)
                Asalam o alikum anyone want to sell Enclave 2 File open certificate please call me


                Hassan raza
                  368 days ago 

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