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There are 15 bhattas in f-16. They wil not leave there place. Is it good investment over there.
Syed ibrahim and mbs are requested to throw out some water to bring it out.
Is it good investment?

    2985 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Syed Ibrhaim
    (1435 posts)
    Dear Tahir,

    In F-16 if according to your reading there are 15 bhattas but in F-16/4 there were 4 bhattas in which 2 are closed now as there lease finished.

    Every non possession sector is risky investment as compared to developed sector including F-16/4.

    But another point is in non possession sectors investment returns with good profit but it always depends on society credibility, piece of land, development standards and your luck. :)

    The only interesting point in F-16/4 is that major piece of land is already purchased plus its in front of F-15/1 so whenever development will begin prices will definitely shoot.

    Drawback of F-16/4 is that you cant calculate exact time that when development work will begin according to market rumors f-16 work will start in 2013 but it can be delayed.
      2984 days ago 

      (3020 posts)
      What about G-16/4 (ministry of interior society)?

      Is that a good investment?

      According to this society's website they have obtained approval for direct access to motorway link road which becomes Kashmir highway in Islamabad. If they get this access, they can drive straight to g-14 in less than 5 mins.

      What is your opinion about this society?
        2983 days ago 

        Syed Ibrhaim
        (1435 posts)
        Yes dear you are right, g-15 and g-16 will get benefit of that entrance right now its one way approved like u can enter on Kashmir highway from g-15 and g-16 but cant enter in sector if you are coming from Islamabad but hopefully with the passage of time they will also get that approval.

        Almost 2 or 3 months ago a new general sec is appointed in interior society and he is a hard worker, they will auction there commercial plots soon and they said that they will use that money for development of g-16 which is a good sign lets see.
          2981 days ago 

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