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[4 Replies]
How you analyze faisal town, specially block-c regarding investment point of view, please share your experience?

    110 days ago In Want To Buy
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    Bilal Awan
    (9 posts)
    I wouldn’t recommend investing in FT at the moment. I bought a 30x60 plot in 2017 for 4.5 million and now making a loss on it. The investors have taken the sting out of the growth and now it will grow organically with little margins.

    They have got similar game going on in Faisal Hills now.
      110 days ago 

      (42 posts)
      I do agreed with bilal. Faisal projects are perilous. If you are very keen to invest in faisal projects then go for developed or semi developed plots.
        109 days ago 

        (3 posts)
        Reference Javed47, Thanks for your opinion.

        I also wana ask that due to C-Block investment point of view underdevelope block with little profit margin. They also planning to build a new gate on main Kashmir Highway through C-Block main Road. Please kindly guide and discuss this Kashmir Highway Gate aspect regarding investment point of view.

        Thanks will wait ur beneficial comments.
          109 days ago 

          (2 posts)
          I had a bad experience in Faisal Town and will suggest all the overseas to stay away, I invested in Faisal Town long time ago and then stop the payments when found that they don't have the possession of the land where my plot was located.

          The society pestered me to make the full payment in exchange that my plot will be transferred to area with possession. I made the full payment after the society promised to allot me another plot in a possession area.

          After making the full payment, society went quiet for 18 months.

          I started chasing and was always asked me to speak to Ch Javed, who hasn't been taught manners how to talk or interact with investors.

          In the end I was forced to signed on an affidavit that I'll build the house within 6 months after I take the possession. By now I was so desperate not to lose my 3 million that I signed it with an intention that I'll sell it straightaway.

          The story doesn't end here, Ch Javed bluntly refused the sale of the plot unless the new buyer signed documents that he can't sell the plot further. I sold the plot cheaply in the end to come our of this society.

          This society won't give you possession unless you keep on signing affidavits and do as they tell you.
            103 days ago 

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