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Ghazanfar Al..
( 7 posts )

[7 Replies]
Feuture of paf tarnol fazaia housing scheem islamabad

    1198 days ago In Property Listings
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    Ghazanfar Al..
    (7 posts)
    PAF Tarnol is a best society of pakistan Air Force owned by Air HQ IN this area near to new Islamabad Airport direct linked with motorway close to crpack rute near to matro bus route all faciltes are available Air force own security ,Boundry wall,6 lacks gallon water approved from shahpur Dam More then 250 families are living in society ,MCB Bank is available,CITY SCHOOL IS going to start very soon,Telephone Exchang approvede work will start soon,Redsun Group is working to launch High rise appatments,After the complection of new Airport prices will go high like DHA,Bahria,Devolopment is tarted and 70 percent work completed.
      1198 days ago 

      Ghazanfar Al..
      (7 posts)
      *Air Avenue Estate*

      Specialist in

      *Fazaia Housing Scheme Tarnol Islamabad*

      *Residenital plot 300/600* Sq Yds

      *Commercial plots 89 , 111 , 125 , 133 , 150 And 175* Sq Yds

      Houses And Plots

      sale and purchase

      *Salient Features*


      *Kashmir highway*

      *Metro bus*

      *National Highways*

      *China Pakistan Economic corridor*

      *New Islamabad International Airport*

      *Railway line*

      *Gas , Water , Sewerage, Electricity Boundary Wall, Bank , Utility Store*

      ???? warrant officer Rtd *Ghazanfar Ali*




      *Raja Qamar zia*




      Office No 06

      D block Fazaia housing scheme Tarnol Islamabad
        1198 days ago 

        (4482 posts)
        Khud hi sawal or khid hi jawab.Wah g wah..Btw fazaia ki jo performance hai uske baad uss society ka Allah hi hafiz hai.
          1198 days ago 

          (730 posts)
          Development is not good. Very over-priced. Located out of CDA Zone-II. Transfer fees are also insanely high for civilians. This place is only for boot-walaz. Not civilian friendly at all.

          Thread was started by a warrant officer....hahaha
            1198 days ago 

            (4482 posts)
            People try to demand high and befool in the name of an institution but deals are mot concluded at those prices.If the deals are matured they are at very lower prices.
              1198 days ago 

              (251 posts)
              What about water? I heard water level is very low in that society.
                1198 days ago 

                Muhammad sha..
                (2 posts)
                Any web site for detail please ?
                  835 days ago 

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