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[9 Replies]
Csci guys!!

Please one simple answer why is hrl shy of owning it on their web. Cautious because not long ago dha owned/backed dha city lhr and we all know what happened...

    1159 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (20 posts)
    Yes I get same feeling. If CSCI is such a game changer link with HRL must be crystal clear but it is not.
      1159 days ago 

      Humayyun Raj..
      (145 posts)
      Right. The Name HRL is marketed whereas all letters & notices are done on Future holdings pvt ltd.
        123 days ago 

        (203 posts)
        Interesting !
          122 days ago 

          (974 posts)
          Five minutes on web search and it is clear that HRL is not directly involved in Smart City projects, but through its associate Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. which is a partners consortium among some bigwigs namely HRL itself, FWO, EDL and a Chinese Company CLIC. Checkout about page and an intro video at the bottom:

          Then you cross-check it with HRL's website which mentions both CSCI and FHDL:

          So, here's my conclusion:

          FDHL is perhaps a giant in the making with some global dominance agenda in mind. Similar to DHA which once used clown Malik Riaz as a stepping stone to become dominant real estate player in Pakistan. I see similar nexus in the offing, where HRL will become another MR.

            122 days ago 

            (203 posts)
            DHA Valley Islamabad & DHA city lahore are included in examples of such kind of partnership.
              122 days ago 

              (88 posts)
              Dear friends,

              Capital smart city is the project of Future development holding (FDH) ; while the developer is Habib Rafique (HRL) . As long as

              HRL is paid for their work their work they will develop. The day they will not receive payment they will stop. As they did in other project of DHA as well. Remember that HRL was the developer of DHA Phase 5 but it left the project due to non payment and then only DHA start developing the phase on their own
                122 days ago 

                (4 posts)
                I'm confused, kindly let me know what I am missing here. This website does have FDH and CSCI mentioned as their associates:

                  120 days ago 

                  Muhammad Kha..
                  (74 posts)
                  @Ali, the original post is nearly 3 years old that has attracted replies now :D So ignore that and read the recent replies.
                    120 days ago 

                    (13 posts)
                    @ali u r missing here that post is 1038 days old.
                      120 days ago 

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