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Basit Saleem
( 4 posts )

[15 Replies]
Salam brothers, i booked couple of flats in capital resorts. I have paid around 2.5 million for each flat and now i have heard that they are not cda approved and cda has sealed these towers.

Are there any other people here who are affected? Any update on the appeals in court?

Will really appreciate any feedback. Thanks and regards,

    554 days ago In General Advice
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    (1 post)
    I have also booked apartment and now seriously concerned about my money. They said that we will not be taking installment now till issue is resolved. Their office has also been sealed again. What if the CDA decides to demolish like they are doing in other areas. Our hard earned money has been wasted?
      372 days ago 

      (1 post)
      I have also paid 3.5 million for 2 flats but the issue is still in pending.plz communicate the latest position of the said project if some one have.
        303 days ago 

        Muhammad Soh..
        (46 posts)
        Dear All concerned do note that such cases are under hearing in the honorable supreme court. 15 days back in the cabinet meeting it was decided that the newly reformed Plan for Islamabad will be announced.It will regularize such pending cases that include Bani Gala as well. So dont panic for now as there is a strong hope of them getting legalized. The builder will simply buy back from you on the lower rates and once regularized will be selling your property on the higher rates.As you have been observing patience for such long and adding few months to this will only be beneficial IA.
          298 days ago 

          (1 post)
          So have I .. And each time I call them asking to get my money back they buy some time and say it will be resolved soon .. Can anyone confirm if there has been any development here ? Kindly get in touch with me if someone wants to get their payment back so we can work out a plan together
            153 days ago 

            Basit Saleem
            (4 posts)
            Hi All,

            Any update on Capital resorts status. May be we should create a whats app group of all the affected members for better communication an updates. If any such groups already exists, pls add me there.
              15 days ago 

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