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Khurram Riaz
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Assalam-o-alaikum experts!

I am currently residing in riyadh, saudi arabia and have been contemplating for a while now to do some investment in pakistan real estate which has luckily landed me to his forum which looks more than useful for a newbie like me.

Below are the details for my details for the query and will appreciate your guidance.

-my budget for the investment is 20 – 25 lakhs pkr
Would prefer 5 marla plot in a safe society in lahore or islamabad

-buying this more for investment purpose and willing to hold it for 3-5years if the value can appreciate

Thank you in advance.


    439 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Part 2 (seems like some character length cut the entire post)

    - Smaller investment (
      427 days ago 

      Aamir aasim
      (74 posts)
      I am seeing here a trend that people are encouraging others not to invest in pakistan.

      This is our country and we have to encourage people to invest here. Pakistan will rise and rise IN SHA ALLAH and you guys will see.

      I will never prefer any other country over my country no matter how difficult it is.

      Ask those who are living in these countries. They are running like dogs to earn dollors and riyals from 6 oclock early in the morning to 8 oclock in the night.
        427 days ago 

        (1859 posts)
        Aasim sb, your views and concerns are right but interpretation may be a bit deviated. Actually, when people ask about Real Estate investment, its fair enough to guide them (as per individual capacity) but also a lot of people are overseas so its fair to show them the flip side too. People have frustrations (economic and social level) and something that is echoed more strongly when expressing on this forum.

        Here is the rationale, lets put things objectively with publicly available evidence:

        *** Investment vs Getting a Roof
        First time buyers wanting a roof on their head, any time is best, if one have the finances just go ahead, don't wait.

        *** USD-PKR Parity
        In last 12+ months PKR lost >50% of its value while at best real estate investments appreciated about 20% at max (generalised approximation). Some projects if not gone into negative have lost due to losing PKR. [REF-1]

        *** Public Trust and Protection
        Our housing authorities (CDA, LDA, RDA etc.) and private developers are day light crooks. How many times we have seen CDA waking up to declare entire populated area or fully developed high rises as illegal (most recent Ghouri Town, Safa Gold Mall). See Affectees of BT KHI, Phase 9, Enclave 2, DHA Valley, DHA City. Just a few example. [REF-2]

        *** Subsidising the Elite
        When Bani Gala, Jaati Umrah, Bilawal House etc. are declared as few thousand per kanal and common man 1 marla as 5+ lakh to say the least, how to seek justification. [REF-3]

        *** Signals by State
        When your national carries PIA demands air fare charges in USD, shows how confident is state in terms of its own currency and economy. [REF-4]

        *** Failed Initiatives - Political Affiliation vs Investment
        As a personal opinion Overseas that do want to invest and majority does endorse current setup never trust the same setup with their investment. [REF-5] What happened to Dam Fund...?

        *** Failed Policies
        When you put exaggerated taxes on Real Estate and subsidies the Stocks and still PSX plunges regularly, what else to do. [REF-6]

        For sure, someone has to be "running like dogs to earn dollars and riyals from 6 oclock early in the morning to 8 o'clock in the night." to keep the remittances flowing. Unfortunately, the system at home we are part of makes every one a dog but just for survival, saving and future security is thought that is privilege. [REF-7].

        Just a few pointers, everyone can decide for themselves. I reiterate my stance, whether a million or multi-millions one have, if one wanna invest in Real Estate, invest a fraction (max 25% to 40%). Economic and consequently Real Estate situation is highly uncertain.


        CDA partially seals Safa Gold Mall
        Ghauri Town residents protest CDA`s ban on utility connections

        Property valuation rates for taxation raised in 20 cities
        Imran paid a little over Rs100,000 as tax in 2017

        PIA to charge fares in US dollars from August 12

        PM’s appeal to invest in Diaspora bonds falls flat

        Bailout for brokers

        Pakistan: Foreign remittances grow 8.45 percent to 17.9 billion
        in 10 Months
          426 days ago 

          Abrar Ahmad
          (5 posts)
          Cda sector c-18 is perfectly ideal location with positional worth in near future with scope of b-17
            413 days ago 

            Abrar Ahmad
            (5 posts)
            For more details plz contact 0304-7977794

            abrar ahmad
              413 days ago 

              Ali Kamran
              (109 posts)
              Considering that you plan on holding 3 to 5 years, investing right now wouldn't be a bad option, although I agree when people say that you may want to diversify your portfolio.

              Some of the good options like I-16 or Bahria or LDA City may serve you well in the long-term but you should be wary of rupee depreciation. Perhaps you may want to wait some 4 or 5 months for rupee to reach a stable value before you begin. But if you are investing in LDA City, for example, you may not want to wait that long because balloting has been announced for Nov 30 and then the prices may increase.

              In general, the time is not bad, the prices are low enough in real estate. The only concern is whether the rupee has fallen enough.
                405 days ago 

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