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Khurram Riaz
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[26 Replies]
Assalam-o-alaikum experts!

I am currently residing in riyadh, saudi arabia and have been contemplating for a while now to do some investment in pakistan real estate which has luckily landed me to his forum which looks more than useful for a newbie like me.

Below are the details for my details for the query and will appreciate your guidance.

-my budget for the investment is 20 – 25 lakhs pkr
Would prefer 5 marla plot in a safe society in lahore or islamabad

-buying this more for investment purpose and willing to hold it for 3-5years if the value can appreciate

Thank you in advance.


    402 days ago In Where to Buy
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    If u can raise your budget to 27 lakhs you can buy a 5 marla in Bahria phase 8 Rawalpindi sector M or 5 marla plot in Gulberg Residencia . Both will yield good return .
      402 days ago 

      Mohammad sha..
      (68 posts)
      Brother khrm riaz better to keep and save ur money in saudi rials and dont invest in property .its very bad time . Specially devalution of currency is big factor for all of us expats. So better keep ur saving in rials and wait for some good time.good luck.
        402 days ago 

        Abdul Qayyum
        (2228 posts)
        Dear Khuram
        You have options to buy in I-15/16, CBR, Multi gardens, Top city and Bahria phase-8 sector L and M.
        If you gather all components of the aforementioned townships, phase-8 seems to be a winner so far.
        Among all, CDA I-16 seems to win equally in horse race.
        My pick is developed part of phase-8.
          401 days ago 

          (1792 posts)
          ** Suggestion: If you are earning in a foreign currency (that is pegged with USD), better to keep the savings in that currency. It may bring better return, come December 2019 with PKR likely to depreciate further.

          Suggestion, may not answer your question so here are the Options to answer, precisely.

          ** Options: Safe in 2.0 million (possession with lump sum, 5 Marla)

          BT Phase 8


          UpCountry Enclosures

          Graceland Housing

          ** Installments:

          May be check

          - Capital Smart City Overseas Block (only Overseas Block rest is a bit mess for now).

          - Also check Gulberg Residencia AA or some block like that 5 Marla Files, rest there are 5 Marla files but dont go for them.

          Beyond 3 million is a different game and more options (I-16, Residencia, Enclave etc.). Rest is all dependent on your holding power and waiting time before any revenue yielding.
            400 days ago 

            Shah Muqeem
            (142 posts)

            I would recommend to invest in societies around Sharaqpur Road or SA Garden Kala Shah Kaku. Those comes easily in your budget.

            Other inside Lahore I would recommend a 5 Marla plot around 20 in Nigheban Housing Society Lahore.
              398 days ago 

              (883 posts)
              Lda city Lahore best choice
                398 days ago 

                (797 posts)
                If I was overseas and had a single $ or riyal on me, I would have kept it outside. It is not a time to throw your hard-earned money in this enormous sink-hole.

                  397 days ago 

                  Abdul Qayyum
                  (2228 posts)
                  Dear Khuram

                  If you ask, the ones who are discouraging the Pak property investments: Why a plot I bought 2.5 years before in phase-8 sector-E @ 44 lacs, includes all charges, and now hard to get the same location even at 60 lacs, these guys will have " Run time error" in PC language!
                  Actually a good cutting area plot in the same block has gone up to 65-70 lacs (corner & at height & cutting terrain).
                  That makes at least 7.2% Halal profit and the way BT is developing it will rise further more.
                  Pakistan has millions of house shortage and genuine buyers who want to make their homes, are in the market in good number, all the time.
                  Now the difference is more taxes and more money as capital gain to govt which makes not a big difference and we need to pay our taxes to govt whether we like it or not!
                  Pak economy seems stabilizing and how long people will keep their money in pillows?
                  Buy only in well-developed societies and you will never lose, In Shaa Allah.
                  But one thing is now written on the wall, no doubling of property in weeks!
                  Pak investment likely to return more as chronic house shortages exists and will exist the coming years.

                    397 days ago 

                    (1792 posts)
                    A. Saving in a Foreign Currency (ideally pegged with USD)
                    B. Investing in Real Estate of PAK.

                    Facts: Post June-2018 there is minimal growth of real estate investments and ROI in PAK. Jan-2018 to May-2018 was progressive, infact quite good (stable PKR, GDP>5, lower inflation), however, beyond mid-year the growth is slow and mostly stagnant. Whereas if one compares rise in USD during the same time, it is quite high.

                    ** Investment in B
                    - Genuine buyers who want to own a house or property of their own (getting rid of rentals etc.), anytime is best time.

                    - If holding power is >2 years, things bought now will for sure be beneficial. However, question is would it be more beneficial to invest in A or go for B? no one knows precisely. Context suggest USD may hit 169 mark to PKR come Dec-2019. End of last fiscal year, i.e., Jun-2019 already saw USD hitting 163 and beyond.

                    - Smaller investment (less then 2 million) are and will trade much better then traditional larger ones.

                    ** Investment as A
                    - Safe, secure and steady growth (almost guaranteed) with full control in your hand.

                    - Holding it at-least Dec 2019 can dictate further, whether to do the same or go to B.

                    ** If saving in foreign currency, go for 25% to max 40% as real estate investment, rest try to preserve.

                    ** It is not the taxes (mostly for genuine long term buyers), its USD rise and PKR fall that hinders the growth.

                    ** Go for smaller more liquid investment (low cost projects), they seem to be yielding better ROI.

                    ** Whenever invest, keep in mind holding power of 2+ years from now.

                    ** Try to construct as soon as possible, if one plans to as construction cost will escalate and will keep doing so.

                    ** Shortlist projects that have some city/state level infrastructure planned for construction in proximity. Never fall for 'Just 5 minutes drive from XYZ' slogans.

                    ** Avoid the temptations of low pricing with projects as apparent scams and without NOCs.
                      396 days ago 

                      Mohammad sha..
                      (68 posts)
                      @abdul qayum if u bought some thing back in 2016 for 44 lacks .literally its still same amount if ur expat. So no joy in this 1.6 million profit. Devalution kills all joy of ur profit rest Allah knows better.
                        396 days ago 

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