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[9 Replies]
Dear all,

Many people here are suggesting for buying in lda city. Can anyone please provide guidance for all new comers?

1. Maps?? I could not find maps from their site?
2. Rates? Where we can find rates?
3. Possession status?
4. Main connecting points? Ferozepure road?

    497 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (111 posts)
    I think its years away from possession? See link below?

    Any idea when possession might be given?
      497 days ago 

      (111 posts)
      I heard that

      1) Balloting will be done next month?

      2) Possession after two years?

      Is it confirmed? Or just assumptions? Please advise.
        469 days ago 

        (882 posts)
        I have replied it on merit but post is pending approval
          467 days ago 

          (882 posts)
          Lda city is most sort after investment now. Ballot on 30 Nov. Map comes when ballot happen. Ballot will be done by Pakistan information technology board.with one fbr and Nab member also present. Posession will start from march 2020 and will be completed inside next 18 months max. Out of 13k 6k land alreeady about to deliver.many plots of small category even on bigger roads which lahore not seen in past.proper boundary wall and u derground electricity , under Nespak and lda supervision 3 contractors developing area al together. Just avoid dealers and find direct sellers and go with him in lda office and transfer file. Avoid dealers.
            466 days ago 

            Muhammad sai..
            (39 posts)
            Is it a good investmenr?can you please share detail of 5 marla?
              458 days ago 

              (882 posts)
              Lda city: Lda city phase 1 consist of 13000 kanal out of which 12000 kanal land is under hands of Lda.As Per supreme court verdict Lda city which was 60,000 kanal scheme in start and later reduced to 49000 kanal has been further divided into phases and Lda managment choose biggest chunk of land in hand to fullfil commitment , furthermore they bought 90% of land with their development partners and people also provided directly to lda.Remaining land is under process and some patches can be taken as per supreme court instruction of using 144. Lda divided phase 1 into 7 Packages to develope it on fast track and given contract to three contractors for package 1,3 and 5 which are 5000 kanal and these packages in fast track development, rest packages contracts will be given soon after ballot.Posession will start from feb 2020 and all 11000 files will get posession in dec multiple contractors working day and night.Lda city also applied sui gas and underground electric works tender is open.Lda city will be state of art project.It has 2 access from ferozpur road and three access from ring road.its supervision is done by nespak and lda itself.On direction of supreme court and monitoring of Nab it is taking shape very fastly.Ballot is announced on 30th Nov and will be done by PITB while Nab and Fbr members will also present.With fast track development and ballot soon Lda city price surly about to increase.Half of dc are waived off from files as gift from Lda.soon people who invested long ago and were suffering before supreme court so moto now surly will get on ground plots.Currently some negativemafia spreading bad about it beside there is nothing bad and Lda under new managment did marvellous job and with govt support is fully present.Almost 3 arab allocated to lda city this year and 4 arab will be allocated next year Q1.
                455 days ago 

                Sheraz Akhta..
                (10 posts)
                What are the rates offered for plots in LDA city? Is it good for investors?
                  455 days ago 

                  (201 posts)
                  LDA has still not completely solved the problem of ldaavenue one effectees, which is really a shame as some are still suffering at the hands of lda.
                    36 days ago 

                    Ali Kamran
                    (140 posts)
                    LDA City is looking increasingly like a good option for medium-term investment, to be honest. Despite any issues that happened in LDA Avenue. I think LDA City will develop nicely. Development is already underway and now they have also begun work on LDA City apartments. I have heard possession will be available for plots in project within another year, is that correct?
                      35 days ago 

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