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[6 Replies]
As there are so many news about the development starting very soon and tender has been announced to some firm, the prices are going up very quickly. Now 5 marla plots in i-15/4 are priced around 42 lac. 15 days ago the prices were around 30-35 lac. So my question is: should i sale my i-15/4 corner plot if i get an offer around 48lac in next 1 month and purchase a plot in some livable area like jinnah garden and built a single story house on it. Or i should wait further for 1-2 years.
The prices in i-16 is far lower than these prices, even those plots are on ground and possession is there. So will i-15 prices will hold its ground or it will get in reverse.

    15 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (1656 posts)
    New, though not confirmed is that official work to be kick off by Jun 30 or soon afterwards!!

    Its anticipation that does hike things, for sure. I-16, though fully developed but somehow remains under appreciated compared to 14/15. With PHA apartments possession and more construction definitely boost 16 that is somehow bullet proof investment, its natural developed projects see less investment, more end buyers!

    Re: I-15 sell or retain
    CDA is dead slow and there will always be news around and slow pace of development, till there are news and vibes, 15 will hold ground so advice is to hold for now, at-least for a couple of months...
      15 days ago 

      (139 posts)
      News is confirmed that development is starting in July.

      I want to build a house to get some monthly rents in next 1-2 years. Keeping in view the status of I-11, I-14 and I-16 I think I-15 will not be a very livable place in next 5 years. What is your point on that.

      I am double minded with following two options.

      1. As soon as the price touches 50-55lac (i have to pay 9 lac to CDA as well) I sale that plot. And buy a plot 30x60 in Jinnah Garden for 42 lac and build a single story house.

      2. Keep waiting and build a house in I-15.
        14 days ago 

        Sohail Khan
        (275 posts)
        In my opinion 50-55 is good price to sell and move out from 1-15 as your plan is to built house for getting rental income. 1-15 will take long to be livable.

        This price hike vibes keep coming and going in property business, sell it on strong vibe.

        property is also like any other item in shop, keep selling on time is better then sitting on it for long in hopes.
          14 days ago 

          (421 posts)
          I think there is high chance of on ground work to kick off. Last week police and cda teams were there on site and they have given land to the developer for site office/ labor camps.

          The prices are increasing day by day and I think I-15/4 and 3 will see more appreciation due to the terrain.

          Realistically speaking the prices will not shoot up more than I-14 possesion plots infect they will be 1 million less than I-14 plots. (Talking about I-15/4,3). Choosing a better category plot in I-15 will yield good gain.

          On the other hand, I-16 will take a rise in prices if KH access took place. Currently, it is a last sector if accessing from traditional I-14 route. Advantage of I-16 is under ground water is there.
            13 days ago 

            (298 posts)
            Map of i-15 looks better than i-14-- streets are atleast 40ft.
              12 days ago 

              (421 posts)
              Agreed IB sb. Its better than I-14 sector if we see its layout plan. All depends upon the development pace and seriousness of CDA
                11 days ago 

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