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I just wanted to get an opinion on Islamabad Orchards (MPCHS). What's the scope of this scheme in the next 3- 4 years, what's the price of 10 kanal and also the society has the possession of the land?

Any other options for farm houses in the same Zone?

Thanks so much!

    2693 days ago In Investors Advice
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    This is a question only forum, no answers here
      630 days ago 

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        627 days ago 

        (4 posts)
        Anyone have any update about development and current rates
          599 days ago 

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          Dear Sohail,

          purpose of investment is benefit.

          For a safe & beneficial investment you must follow the following points otherwise you investment can slump.

          1.. Location

          2. Authentication of the project or society

          3. Approach

          4. Development

          5. Market value

          6. Self involvement( you, yourself must have some idea about the options)

          Before investment you must visit your options personally. If you have 3-4 years investment plan then do consider gulberg islamabad as well.

          I have been there recently, its seems to be the best options. You must visit their website for further details

            445 days ago 

            Umer Hayat
            (5 posts)
            If any one brother interested for selling farm house plot in Multi orchards farm houses then fell free contact or text 03336000428
              436 days ago 

              Yawar hayat
              (1 post)
              I have 1.5 million. I want to buy land in or near Lahore for my small farm house. What are options.
                402 days ago 

                Muhammad Ali
                (1 post)
                Dear Experts

                What are currently the prices of multi farms Islamabad orchirds? And also the prices of residential plots. Also any expert can throw some light on pros and cons?

                Will be grateful. Thanks

                  197 days ago 

                  (14 posts)
                  I have completed all my payments for a farm house in D Block since two years and submitted an application to give me an alternative possession farm house, but the society always give me an option of a farm house which has lot of depth and its location is really bad. Although the file i got does not have such a bad location on map, what should i do ? any suggestions will be appreciated.

                    171 days ago 

                    Zeghum virk
                    (6 posts)
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                    For the full set of Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines on Zameen Forum, kindly check here:

                    --Zameen Admin
                      78 days ago 

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