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I am considering investing an amount of around Rs. 1.5 million in property in Karachi as long term investment (5-10 years time horizon).

Have been advised to consider only two projects:

1. Bahria Town, Karachi (125 sq. yrd. residential plot) - own: 1,80,000/-. Amount already paid: 3,00,000/-. Price: 17,25,000/-. Total price: 17,25,000/- + 1,80,000/- = Rs. 19,00,5000/-. Balance: payable in rs. 1,50,000/- quarterly payments

2. DHA City, Karachi (200 sq. yrds. residential plot) - own: Rs. 11,50,000/- to 29,00,000/- (depending on the location sector) amount already paid: 4,00,000/-, price: rs. 7,66,000/- total price: rs. 19,16,000/- - 36,66,000/- balance: payable in 20,000/- quarterly installments.

Kindly advice which project can possibly yield better return.

Looking forward to actionable advice.

    1919 days ago In Want To Buy
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    (120 posts)
    So you are saying that you will have to pay 4,80,000 rs for bahria 125 yards. Correct?
      1919 days ago 

      (73 posts)
      @Paracha, current own for 125sq is 160 to 180 which includes initial booking & registration amount of around 160. So whoever saying to you that you have to pay Total price: 17,25,000/- + 1,80,000/- = rs. 19,00,5000/- is robbing you in day light.

      Total plot price is 17,25,000 - 150,000 (discount) = 15,75,000.
        1918 days ago 

        (35 posts)
        Sohail and Wasi:

        Total price of Bahria Town 125 sq yrds. Plot mentioned is the amount payable till the end of all installments. It includes the amount I would pay today.

        Rs. 4,80,000/- is the amount that I have to pay today. This includes Own and the 2 installments of Rs. 1,50,000/- already paid.
          1918 days ago 

          (1 post)
          The own for 125 yd Bahria Karachi is 1,35,000.

          kindly check it here. Its latest......

            1918 days ago 

            (26 posts)
            DHA City is much better in terms of investment
              1918 days ago 

              Sohail Khan
              (531 posts)
              Dear Paracha,

              The installments are 90k each for 125 yard plot, if there are two installments paid = 180k + token and registration = 160k to 180k so the plot file should cost you around 340-360k + the remaining installments of 90k x 14.

              In my opinion what indicators showing, Bahria Karachi will be a very successful project after some time, the indicators are as follow.

              the way MR started and looking so focused to the project, the speed of the development work experts mentioning, the location compare to DHA city, promise of hand over of one sector by end of this year and the prices stability so far in such a property crisis time, are all positive indicators for bahria so far.

              It will be a very good investment for some one who can wait 5+ years.
                1918 days ago 

                (375 posts)
                Amir, why DHA city is better than BTK, while it is quite away from toll plaza. If you compare the master plan of BTK with DCK, you will find BTK alot more smart and professionally drawn that can also reflects the chances of success too. I see in the near future these two projects will be the focus of buyers and investors.

                Allah knows best.
                  1918 days ago 

                  (120 posts)
                  @Salman. I have visited your link . It says nothing about an own of 135K. Please explain.

                  Also the prices given on right side are the prices including token amount.
                    1918 days ago 

                    (375 posts)
                    For more recent updates on BTK prices....

                      1918 days ago 

                      (155 posts)
                      When investing between DHA & Bahria, i think the following.

                      Fact 1:

                      As Bahria Town says "Bahria sab key liye hey",


                      DHA We know for the fact "it is only for rich"

                      My Opinion:

                      When both societies fully developed, mid income, lower mid income all will be able to afford bahria (referring to awami villas, etc.) but not DHA.

                      Fact 2:

                      Another reason, Keeping past track record of Bahria & DHA in different cities.

                      Bahria has over supplied, therefore prices never went up then one limit. Around (around 8k- 10K per marla)

                      While DHA has always short supplied, therefore price is even higher than (14K per marla)

                      My Opinion:

                      I personally believe at this time (not future) Buy in bahria if you only want to live there, if you want to make money, invest in DHA.


                      I personally is considering buying in DHA City, because 4 years ago, 1 Kanal was about 20 lac. Today it is 57 lac in red zone sector 3, else where is about 35 lac. Plus i do not have to pay all money upfront. Take an average of ROI, it is not bad.

                      Having said that Karachi market might tell different story for Bahria, because of unrest in karachi, People in existing DHA and high end societies will not move in to Bahria, but people in mid and mid lower will move there to have better lifestyle & security.

                      All above is my personal opinion. Feel free to share yours...
                        1918 days ago 

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