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[11 Replies]
As all of us know very well the situation of power supply in our country but I heard that there is no load shedding at all in Bahria Town.

1. Why is it so?
2. Will this standard remain the same even all the plots are constructed?
3. I want to shift to Islamabad, can BT be the best choice to live in??
4. Any suggestions about schools and markets??

    3204 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    Tanveer Yous..
    (221 posts)
    Less or more, Bahria Town is one of the top rated housing societies in Pakistan. Bahria Town faces the same kind of electricity problem but the society facilitates its residents by providing power backup. The society owns a grid station which triggers each time there is a power outage so in that sense, it offers relief to its residents.

    Such societies are developed with years long planning but as you know the political and economical changes are always in action in our country and these changes impose effects on every part of country and every aspect of life. These societies may react accordingly. Overall you will experience sustainability. Schools and markets are also approachable within the boundary. This is all I know.
      3203 days ago 

      (2 posts)
      Dear, i have pumped in my complete saving in BT. The present scam of Malik Riaz has disturbed all the residents of BT. What will happen if he is jailed? will BT be able to run under the board of director?

      All these problems needs anwser, before you make any decision. Price of plots have gone low in BT due to Malik sb involvment in bribe.
        3141 days ago 

        Syed Ibrhaim
        (1435 posts)
        Bahria town alloties are disturbed due to that case in which phases prices became low?
        by the way he will not be jailed things will be settle but will take a bit time.
          3141 days ago 

          (156 posts)
          Well I think Tanveer has answered most of your questions very well..
          I will just try to answer one.

          Q: I want to shift to Islamabad, can BT be the best choice to live in?

          It really depends on you work location and priorities. I mean if your work location is in Pndi then BT can be best choice. If your work location is in central Islamabad and you don't like a daily round trip of 1.5, 2 hours to work then CDA sectors will be the best choice for you although CDA sectors do not offer the same facilities as BT but they still have a lot of re-sale value, more expensive , easy to sell and good investment etc.
            3141 days ago 

            (2 posts)
            Yes if u r working in isd u should not shift in phase 1 to 8 (bahria) only for ppl who r working in pindi bahria is best as compared to others but bahria enclave islamabad will be the future for islamabad working class as houses r being constructed rapidly plus apartments i think 1 year or so ppl will shift there.
              2793 days ago 

              Gated Commun..
              (78 posts)
              Bahria town lahore has illegally occupied a grid station and exempted itself from loadshedding. Lesco took them to the lahore high court and the lhc has ordered lesco to take back control of it.

              In the same way, bahria town has also bribed its way to control the local grid station in the iesco area. Several iseco officials now live in bahria town. There is no backup power station within bahria, thats just a myth. They are several cases pending before islamabad high court regarding how bahria town islamabad is not facing load shedding as per schedule.
                2789 days ago 

                (175 posts)
                Bahria rawalpindi has started facing power outages now - though not as severe as other parts of the country.
                  2780 days ago 

                  Prop Guide
                  (6959 posts)
                  The conspiracies will continue for ever. So no worries dear.
                    2780 days ago 

                    (243 posts)
                    Exactly harris but still in bahria load shedding is not a huge issue as we all are facing in the other parts of the country.
                      2780 days ago 

                      (175 posts)
                      No it's not! If commuting does not bother you, there's not much else to worry about in bahria rawalpindi
                      Schools are available and markets are better than most other places in the region!
                        2780 days ago 

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