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Haider Haide..
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Asalam o alikum to all of you. I want to purchase a residential plot in rawalpindi or islamabad. Please guide me so that i can find it quickly and construct my dream home. Thanks in advance. My requirements are as follows:-
1.My budget is around 03 to 3.5 million.
2.Area should be around 5 to 10 marla.
3. Basic facilities should be present
4. I want to start construction within 06 months so should be develop.

Thanks for your response in advance ....Jalil

    603 days ago In Want To Buy
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    My picks:

    - 5 Marla: Bahria Enclave (ISB) if the budget could be stretched to 4.0 ml. (one of the best options) in ISB

    - 5 Marla: I-16 (ISB) CDA sector with possession. Medium term looks good, houses getting constructed but at-least 3+ yrs before properly liveable.

    - Phase 8: 5 Marla Safari Valley (avoiding Rafi Block). Block M. There is some new deal I guess for 10 Marla in 3.5 to 4.0 million in Block A. May be some other forumers AQ sb, etc. can guide better in terms of Phase 8.

    - Areas around new Airport Mumtaz City, Top City (5 Marla) etc. worth an explore.

    There could be many other options but the one above, for me sound more suitable as per the context of original post.
      603 days ago 

      Syed Raza
      (44 posts)
      Asalam o alikum Bahria Enclave should be your best pick in this budget for construction as well as investment..
        602 days ago 

        (2245 posts)
        One of the best, for sure but not the ultimate best! BE in 4 million+ bracket at min. With no Gas and no NOC and patches of unacquired land can't be overlooked.
          602 days ago 

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