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Anisuddin An..
( 6 posts )

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Salam. An investor is needed for joint project in bahria town rawalpindi. Minimum investment required is 2.5 crore. We are looking to construct and sell or rent out in top location of green valley, marina commercial or spring north. If anyone is interested kindly reach us at 03005146793

    320 days ago In Want To Buy
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    (444 posts)
    Anwar Uncle Ji sahib, it has been the job of our Einstein to reply on sensitive matters like this including uranium enrichment , fixing the nose issue of boeing 737 Max, research on the weather change issue in the world, oil shale experience etc.....
    As per my very little experience, instead of doing partnership with you, why should one not buy 8 marla commercial plot in sector E bahria phase 8 on main double road with this amount or 5 marla commercial in hub commercial with half of the amount you have mentioned and build it himself and then start the booking of it.....
    It is very simple mathematics..... the offer is smelling like Chinese....

    Your offer is like giving Monkey to a ropedancer(مداری) and expecting that ropedancer will take care of the monkey and return it to the owner safely.........

      319 days ago 

      Anis-ud-din ..
      (28 posts)
      If one wants to do that they should do that. If one wants to do a project in more hot location such as ones mentioned then this post is for them. Regardless thank you for your concern
        316 days ago 

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