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[674 Replies]
After repeated lollipops from management no development on ground suffering since 2013 please suggest to sale or hold my investment after 4 years i am in net loss.

    2062 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    Asad Malik
    (419 posts)
    Does the development charge also apply to Land Against plots?
      1547 days ago 

      (77 posts)
      Land against land no additional charges.
        1547 days ago 

        Asad Malik
        (419 posts)
        Thanks Zeeshan for the reply. I'm relieved that i do not have to pay.

        I'm willing to help out my fellow F-16 members if you need my vote to stop this injustice of additional development charges in case if you have already paid them. I'm not in Pakistan but let me know however i can contribute?
          1547 days ago 

          Amjad khan
          (1 post)
          Whats price is going nowday of 40*80 land against plot in f-16/4
            1547 days ago 

            (900 posts)
            Society has already received land cost in 2003 and development charges upto 2006. I.e for 10 marla in

            F-16 cost of land about 267,000/-

            development charges ( 8*27200 installments)= 217,600

            total cost about 585,000/-

            now after 10 years society have only partially acquired land and development no where.

            Mr Asad Malik i have read about a case ( Mr Asad Malik Vs Malik Din ) kindly suggest all F-16 alloties the suitable and most effective legal way for relieve. We just want

            1-Firslty society acquire full land and shows some real meaningful development at fast track

            2-Collect additional charges after development, but before possession, only actually spent and at rational rates (which i think should not be more than 1000/sqyrd).
              1547 days ago 

              (4444 posts)
              Why dont you people write to cda or ombudsman??
                1547 days ago 

                (900 posts)
       team has also taken notice of situation in F-16. Please read

                  1546 days ago 

                  (79 posts)

                  My friend has visited F-16 on friday and he confirmed me that there were 10 machines working on site.It means development has started or its just a drama?
                    1542 days ago 

                    (23 posts)
                    Mai na b yehe suna ha k development start ho gai ha
                      1539 days ago 

                      (283 posts)
                      Thats a good news, thanks for sharing friends
                        1538 days ago 

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