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[674 Replies]
After repeated lollipops from management no development on ground suffering since 2013 please suggest to sale or hold my investment after 4 years i am in net loss.

    2143 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    Mrs Ahsan
    (3 posts)
    When development will start inf16
      1615 days ago 

      Amjad khan
      (1 post)
      What will be the price of 40*80 land against plot in f-16/4 after addl.development charges
        1615 days ago 

        (80 posts)
        I think they are asking rs 5000/sqy devalopment charges s so its easy 356 x 5000 = 1780000 Rs Dev on 1 kanal is 500 x 5000= 2500000.

        Rumors are G-16 is planning to implement the same. Just be careful when buying in these sectors, there is alot of land with CDA NOC and lot without CDA Noc, you can download the map of NOC maps from CDA website and choose carefuly in those areas to be on safer side. Real estate guys just want to sell so they wont tell this , even in possesion land some is without NOC as yet from CDA even in F-15/1.
          1614 days ago 

          (79 posts)
          Dear Anwar sb,

          What can be the impact if u build a house in JKCHS on a land which is not in NOC MAP on CDA site. And this plot is sold by JKCHS. MAP on CDA site is not updated after 2002-2004. So may be some land which was not in society possession at that time is now bought by society. Thanx
            1614 days ago 

            (23 posts)
            No impact , E-11 have five societies only one is in fully in compliance with CDA, i think down payment should be paid to jKCHS for continuation of speedy work in f-16
              1614 days ago 

              (23 posts)
              Mrs. Ahsan development is started in F-16
                1614 days ago 

                (23 posts)
                Current Rates in G-15



                50*90=1crore-1.3 crore

                60*90=1.15 crore to 1.4crore


                F-16 is far more cheeper than G-15 even if you include development charges

                we should all pay downpayment and presseurize society for speedy development
                  1614 days ago 

                  (23 posts)
                  CDA Map F-16/4 and F-16/1


                  CDA Map F-16/3 and F-16/2


                  Majority of land is in possesion of jkchs

                  dont believe on rumors and study these maps take from CDA official site.
                    1614 days ago 

                    (442 posts)
                    Checked Google imagery. ..some pieces of land around grid station is clear but large starches of land are occupied by brick kilns...doubt jkchs have possession of much of the land..
                      1614 days ago 

                      (900 posts)
                      Mr Shahzad,

                      if they have much of land as you mentioned then why imosing such a un bearable charges to alloties and showing no progress in other subsectors except F-16/4.

                      prices should be compered to present market rates. If i ask purchase a plot/gold worth now 15 lac and after 3 years might be 150 lac and you pay me 150 lac. No one pay me and will be stupid thing to be asked.

                      First audit may be done and those eaten up the money including profits on deposits of alloties and responsible for this massive criminal delay should be punished.

                      why are they waive off there own near and dear ones with 50% discount ( asked for 2500/sqyrd on open files).

                      I think 1000-1500/swyrd may be justified only if they do speed development and give possession in one year to whole F-16 sector. They have to give written commitment to alloties for it and in case of failure, ready to pay equivalent to monthly rental income on deposited amounts.

                      also note, if a case successfully lodged, management would be seriously in problem and might be jailed. Paec-Echs, gulshan dost Muhammad society managements are in the jail from two years on same ground ( not developing and just grabing money from people). Circle registrar has take control of society after management failure. Alloties only need a serious effort and proof in court of law about their frauds since 13 years.
                        1613 days ago 

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