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[683 Replies]
After repeated lollipops from management no development on ground suffering since 2013 please suggest to sale or hold my investment after 4 years i am in net loss.

    2350 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    M hamza
    (11 posts)
    Any update????
      407 days ago 

      Zarkon Anwa..
      (165 posts)
      The MC is dissolved and so far no sign of elections. Anything positive can only be expected after the election based on the capabilities of the new management.

      F-16 is the only golden sparrow they have now with JKHS as all other projects are mostly developed.Let hope and pray for the best.
        407 days ago 

        (1 post)
        Does any one knows that what is the scope of non possesion areas of f-15/1?
          397 days ago 

          (168 posts)
          Can someone tell me the cost of 8 marla residential plot in F-16 sector?
            391 days ago 

            Saba Hanif
            (3 posts)
            Any updates in 2020 on F-16? Can anyone share updates please? I want to sell the plot whats the advice?
              132 days ago 

              Saba Hanif
              (3 posts)
              Experts and contributors please share your information about F-16? Whats the future of it? I am the oldest buyer of this plot and its been 15 years now but i do not know till how long to hold this plot more in F-16. I need money and i do not know whether to sell it or keep it. If to keep it then till how long ?? Can any one advise please
                132 days ago 

                (135 posts)
                On the same boat, Keep or Sell?

                I have been chasing different peoples since 2016 and come to a conclusion that better to sell and move somewhere else.

                I am willing to bear some loss but still unable to get a buyer for my 60x90 plot in F-16/3.

                Please recommend some good property agents to sell this plot.
                  132 days ago 

                  Ammar Khan
                  (172 posts)
                  What is location and demand of your F-16/3 60x90 plot?
                    131 days ago 

                    (135 posts)
                    @ Ammar Khan

                    I have shared the details please check.
                      130 days ago 

                      Bilal Awan
                      (9 posts)
                      Read the next comment please
                        129 days ago 

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