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[683 Replies]
After repeated lollipops from management no development on ground suffering since 2013 please suggest to sale or hold my investment after 4 years i am in net loss.

    2257 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    Yousafzai 00..
    (124 posts)
    What about the results of election?
      2103 days ago 

      (610 posts)
      Famous Anchor and Journalist Mr. Mushtaq Minhas elected President of JKCHS for a good time period of 3 years !
        2102 days ago 

        Khan Sahib
        (418 posts)
        This election or next 20 elections, only those who have mastered in corrupt practices will win. If you feel the present management fulfills the criteria, please rest assured they will win. By the way, I have no idea about the election results, just sharing my thoughts.
          2102 days ago 

          Yousafzai 00..
          (124 posts)
          So this means nothing will change...

          frustration at user end will remain as constant phenomenon....
            2102 days ago 

            (2 posts)
            Mr. Mushtaq Minhas has a very good reputation. We hope that he shall take bold steps for development of g15/f15, and settle issues with cda for issuance of noc for f15/1 ext.

            I would request Mr. ISBASE for his valuable comments in this regard

              2101 days ago 

              (191 posts)
              Any update from f16.
                2055 days ago 

                (191 posts)
                Any update
                  1979 days ago 

                  (3 posts)
                  Dear i have a plot in F-15 extension, i just came to know it have been unauthorized by CDA.

                  Further i didn't received any dev. Charges imposition letter which the thread discussed above.

                  Prices are going down. Is there any update/progress on the issue with CDA & Dev. Charges as i have put my life's saving in plot and really worried.
                    1959 days ago 

                    (191 posts)
                      1894 days ago 

                      (225 posts)
                      No update same corrupt management again. Same dealers again. Same promises again. Atleast we may claim 10% P.a inflation against our investments.
                        1890 days ago 

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